Happy Birthday, Miss Miracle!

My little Mira is two years old today! It doesn’t seem like two years since she “helped” me write up a blog post about her birth, and Prince Bran the Brawny’s a day later.


“Too many pictures of that other lamb, not enough about me!”

And showed her pictures of Maisie from Equinox Farm as encouragement. Anybody who’s read about Maisie on thecrazysheeplady’s blog will know that probably wasn’t the best choice of role models I could have picked.


“And see, Mira? She was a tiny preemie who had to wear lots of sweaters, just like you! And she was very brave and grew up big and strong!”

“Hmm, I think I could get some good ideas from that sheep…”

She definitely grew up big and strong willed. Although it was definitely Princess who taught her how to head-butt people to get her way, not anything she saw on the internet.

Since I probably won’t get around to making birthday posts for Bran and Will, here’s a short little video of all three of them from when Mira was about three weeks old. Mira was running laps around Princess, Will was determinedly trying to play Climb On Mom, (a very important lamb exercise that helps prepare them to play King of the Hill when they grow up) and Bran was just trying to get someone to play with him. Johnny hadn’t yet made his appearance in the world when this was taken.

They were so cute and little when they were babies. Now they’re all grown up and… still cute, just slightly less little.

We had a small birthday party this morning, after I gave everyone breakfast. Mira was very excited about her birthday crunchies.


“Look at the camera, Mira!”

“Mmm… I’d rather look in your pocket, thanks.”


“Mira, come on, I’ve got crunchies in my hand! At least pretend you’re looking at the camera!”

“Mmm… you’ve got a lot more crunchies in your pocket!”


“That’s a good girl!”

“Fine, I’ll eat the crunchies in your hand, and look at the camera while I’m eating them. I’m not going to smile, though, ’cause I know you’ve still got more in your pocket you’re not giving me!”


“Happy birthday, Mira. I love you, baby girl.”

“Uh-huh, I know. Can I eat your buttons?”

It’s been two good years with my precious Miracle girl. I hope we have many more happy returns and mini-Miracles to look forward to.


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Miss Miracle!

  1. Oh yes……..Maisie the role model……LOL still, they survived and did very well with the help of 2 special Shepard Persons who should get some crunchies also, ie…CHOCOLATE!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mira! You were an adorable baby miracle, and perhaps soon you’ll be an adorable mommy. Heaven help your human mommy if your baby is as strong-willed as you.

    • She had PLENTY of crunchies. She’s going to be impossible for at least a week after getting that many crunchies, insisting her birthday be a week-long celebration. 🙂

  3. Dear Sara,
    Mira+BB=Tsunami :}
    She’ll be a darling wave of cuteness, though.
    I’d forgotten just how tiny Mira was, and how fast she grew. That video…
    Happy birthday sweet, soft-nosed, brave and beautiful girl,
    Natalie and Noah and Christopher

    • I sometimes forget myself how much she’s grown. If I actually sit down and look at her next to the others, she’s one of the biggest ewes I have now! But I’ll always think of her as that little bouncy lamb. 🙂

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