Lana and Nina got sheared yesterday. It’s a traumatic experience, especially for babies like Nina who have never been de-floofed before. But on the other hand the sheep are much more comfortable without their bulky fleeces, at least once they get over their embarrassment and convince the rest of the flock that they haven’t been replaced by Scary Impostors.


“Look at this haircut they gave me!”

“I think you look fine! It’s nice to have new Shetlands around, tell me, have you seen Lana anywhere?”

Liam kept wandering around through the flock yesterday afternoon looking for Lana, even when she was right in front of him. He seems to have figured it out this morning, after spending the night in the barn together, although he still looks a little confused about why she suddenly looks different. He stood in the barn and watched us shear her, I’m not sure why he’s confused, but he certainly is, poor guy.


“MeanShepherdPerson is Mean! I knew I didn’t trust her for a reason!

“Nooo, ShepherdPerson is nice! She has  crunchies!”

We’ll see how Liam feels after he gets his own haircut. He hid behind a hay bale for two days last year.


“You’re not going to lure me in with your tricky crunchies of treachery!”

Not having any free-standing hay bales to hide behind this year, Lana is hiding behind the waste hay keeping a suspicious eye on me. Which is actually pretty much how she always acts, so I’m not worried about it. She’ll still come into the barn at night for crunchies, as long as she can hide behind Liam while she’s eating them, so she’s free to be as suspicious as she likes during the day.


“Hurry up, before ShepherdPerson sees!”

The Soay girls took advantage of my distraction to sneak back into the barn, which is also pretty normal behavior for them. Sometimes they’re outrageously bad at being sneaky, and sometimes they’re scarily good at being sneaky, and they seem genuinely unable to tell the difference.


“I think you owe me some crunchies, MeanShepherdPerson!”

Nina seems to have mostly forgiven me already. I suspected she would, given her fondness for crunchies. She managed to scarf down a few before Mira noticed and said nope no way all the crunchies are hers.


“Nope, no way! All the crunchies are mine!”

Mira was extremely freaked out by Nina’s haircut, and spent a lot of time running from her in terror yesterday. She’s still giving both Nina and Lana a wide berth and glaring at them suspiciously, but she’s not going to stand for any competition for my food attention, no matter who her rival turns out to be. Mira will even try to butt Lady away from me, and Lady’s much higher in the pecking order than she is.


“I am a sweet little baby, Mommy! I need some more food! Everybody’s mean to me out here!”

Cue instant 180-degree shift in attitude. She’s the funniest girl, she’s convinced she can play the helpless little lamb to me, like I couldn’t see her butting Nina away literally seconds ago. A lot of people think that sheep are dumb, but I’m convinced I sheep think humans are dumb. Probably because they can be a bully one minute, turn around and act sweet the next, and the silly human will give them crunchies anyway, apparently completely  fooled.

It’s really hard for me to see if she has any udder development, because I never see her from the rear for more than a second or two before she notices me looking at her and comes running, but she is getting a bit tubby around the middle and I still haven’t seen her cycle, so I’m pretty sure there’s a mini-Mira on the way. Heaven help us all.


6 thoughts on “De-Floofed

  1. What a hoot/laugh that was! Don’t tell me sheep are dumb….well, maybe a little…where did my Lana go!!
    Wonder what difference it would make if they were all shorn at the same time?

    • From what I’ve seen of commercial flocks, they’re all embarrassed and try to hide behind each other, then they all start sparring for a while to reestablish who’s who, then they get over it and go back to normal. So, basically the same thing, but on a larger scale.

  2. At the farm yesterday afternoon, mysteries and misplaced identities and funny haircuts made for a Good Farce in one act.

    Nina looks funnier than Lana, and my goodness, she’s more spotted than I thought…the white tum goes right up the bum. Have to search out the baby pictures to see if we have some spot migration.

    Hoping you had some rest,


    • I’m fine, except for how every major muscle group in my body hates me, haha.

      Nina is in that awkward adolescent stage where her body isn’t quite in proportion to itself. Lambs, puppies, foals and humans, they all have to go through that phase.

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