Valentine’s Day

Not much romantic going on in the sheep field today, but Lana was in heat on Saturday so here’s a picture of that.


“I’m in love, but I’m also really hot, so I’m just going to plop down here by the fence.”

Lana was feeling hot both figuratively and literally. It was over sixty degrees Saturday, and the poor Shetlands were melting. I tried to catch Liam and give him a haircut, but he very firmly said he’d rather melt.


“I don’t need a haircut, why would you think I need a haircut? I just got a haircut last spring, it can’t be time for another one!”

I’m hoping that spherical shape is because he needs a haircut and not because he needs a diet.

The sheep were much happier when the weather turned cooler again. Even grumpy Barney got excited.



The funniest thing about Barney’s long staple dual coat is the way his floof bounces when he hops.



The funniest thing about Nina is watching this big ball of floof with tiny legs bouncing, running around, and actually managing to keep up with Holly and Mira. She and Lana are scheduled to be de-floofed this Saturday, which will no doubt make it easier for her to frisk around to her heart’s content.

In the yard, Watcher has no time for this Valentine’s Day nonsense, he has sheep to bark at and Echo to pester. He’s made a game of “stalking” Echo with his collie laser-eyes and then pouncing on him and chewing on his ears.


“The mighty hunter stalks his prey…”

“He’s going to jump on my head again, isn’t he?”

Watcher jumps on Echo, Echo puts up with it for a few seconds, then they start running around tussling and play-chomping on each other.


“I got your ears!”

“I got your neck!”

Echo seems to think my lap is “base,” so when he gets tired of playing he comes and flops over by me wanting me to hold his paws and give him belly-rubs and nose-kisses. Echo is a very affectionate dog, I think he’d approve of Valentine’s Day.


“I love you, you’re my favorite person! Pet my belly some more!”

Sweet Echo. It takes a lot of petting and cuddling to keep him happy (and he is also rather fond of crunchies). But on the other hand, he can’t eat any of my chocolate, so on the whole he makes a very good valentine.


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. 60 deg………ofta Not going to happen around here for a long time yet. Nice to see them frisking like that and Echo…what a sweet heart!

  2. Oh my goodness – Barney thinks he’s a lamb! What a jumper (and his fleece would make a pretty jumper, too)!

    This winter has been a yuck. A sine wave, going from slightly below “normal” to w-a-a-a-y above normal temperatures. We went to an oyster roast last Sunday, and it wasn’t just the oysters that were roasting. I dread what this probably means for July.

  3. Whee! In love with spring!

    Barney and his floof must be three feet in the air, minimum.

    Noah made up a tongue twister in honor of their joy, which goes something like “When sprung, spring sheep spin and sproing”. I admit I fancied it up a little but we tumbled over it at dinner.

    Won’t they spring when a few pounds lighter and airier! Poor dears, they must be so darn itchy.

    Poor Lana, poor Duke. The wall that doth separate today’s lovers is wire; the wall that tomorrow will be indifference. Such is ovine love: short-lived.

    Jeepers, hope this non-winter won’t mean not only roasting later, but worms and bugs galore…

    Very best,


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