Moocher Mira


“Mommy, I think I need some crunchies.”


“You know, the crunchies you keep in your pocket. I need them.”


“This pocket! Right here! I need the crunchies that are in this pocket right here!”


“Oh, yummy! Thanks, Mommy, I needed those!”


“I’m going to go eat hay now, but don’t go inside! Stay right there in case I need more crunchies later!”

Funny Miss Mira. Hard to believe she’ll be two years old in two weeks.


14 thoughts on “Moocher Mira

  1. She would tell you she’s eating crunchies for two, so therefore she needs twice as much. At least. Do you really think she’s preggers?

    • I haven’t seen any of the ewes BB bred cycle back, so I’m assuming she is. It’s possible that she cycled when I wasn’t home or wasn’t paying attention, but I have definitely seen all the *un*bred ewes cycle, so it’d be a weird coincidence if the bred ewes were the only ones I missed, especially since I was paying closer attention to them.

  2. Phew! Full-grown at three. It’s just not possible that Wee Bit is now a Big Bit possibly ready to have a Tiny Bitty Bit.

    The boys were just telling me that she looks so very big and were peering at the screen, comparing her shape to the shape of her relatives, in an effort to see if Tiny Bitty Bit really should be expected. No decision. Not that they’re pros or anything. They’ve only seen a lamb born once, okay twice: Kelly had twins last year.
    Very best, Natalie and Christopher and Noah

    • Any Tiny Bitty Bits won’t be due until mid-April, so I wouldn’t expect her to really start showing for another month, especially since this would be her first pregnancy. She is definitely getting a bit tubby and a bit more reluctant to climb up on things, but it’s not 100% clear yet if it’s a baby belly or a too-many-crunchies belly. πŸ™‚

      • Watch for her udder to get bigger, a lot & sooner, if it’s her first, not so much & closer to the birth if she’s lambed before. I’ve learned my Shetlands ewes’ ways & can tell who’s getting close, but the Soays are still so primitive, that it’s a guess.A ewe was actually mid-birth, when I went out to feed one morning, two years ago. She got up & trotted to the side, as if waiting for breakfast, with her lamb halfway out! I walked away & she laid down, & had the lamb. I was impressed, having had a couple of babies, I don’t think I could have done that!

      • Hmm, my first-timers tend to bag up *after* the experienced ewes, that’s funny. The first time is sneaky, smaller udder, smaller belly, and the ewe has no clue what’s going on, so fewer behaviour cues. They always look so flabbergasted when the lamb appears, like “where did THAT come from???” It cracks me up. πŸ™‚

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