Under Ovine Supervision

I don’t have many pictures of myself with the sheep that aren’t selfies, but my mother took a few for me the other day while the girls were “helping” me with their breakfast. Breakfast is a very serious matter, and they have to keep a close eye on me to make sure I don’t mess it up.


“Me! Me! Feed me!”

Nova, Mira, and Nina are all sure that they need a few crunchies to tide them over until breakfast. In practice, they’re getting in my way and slowing breakfast down, but that doesn’t deter them.

Duchess would also like crunchies, but is mainly hiding behind me wondering why there’s a NotShepherdPerson pointing a camera at her. It took me over two years of patience to make friends with Duchess, she’s a very shy girl.


“Whew, getting breakfast is a lot of work, isn’t it, ShepherdPerson?”

Mira walks in ahead of me so she can stand up on her hind legs and paw at the shelf where I put the box of crunchies, just in case I forgot where I put them. Nova and Duchess walk beside me in case I put my hands in my pockets, and Nina brings up the rear in case I drop anything. They like to have all their bases covered.

Once we get into the barn, Nova and Duchess will take over trying to reach the treats on the shelf, while Mira and Nina hop up on the hay stack and make suggestions about which bale they’d like to eat today.


“Wait, Mommy! I need to taste-test that before you put it in the feeder!”

By the time I took out the last little bit of hay for the small feeder, the other girls had left me in favor of the feeders, but Mira was still trotting along back and forth after me, pointedly reminding me about the box of crunchies every time we passed by it. She couldn’t wait any longer by that last trip and insisted I let her grab a snack on the way. She’s been even more greedy than usual lately, so I’m thinking she’s pregnant.

The mid-April lambing season seems like a long way away now, but hopefully the time will go quickly.


4 thoughts on “Under Ovine Supervision

  1. If Mira is preggers and greedy *now*, what *will* she be like in another month and a half? (Possible answer: She will figure out how to reach the crunchies from the shelf, and help herself to the entire box…)

    • She already figured it out once, that’s why there’s lattice fencing blocking the end of the shelves now. XD She’s very busily trying to figure out a way around that…

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