I Miss Things Being Boring

I should have known better than to brag about how peaceful things were. I jinxed myself.

The other day two of my least aggressive sheep, Lana and Bran, got into an epic battle that didn’t stop even when I put Bran off by himself in the lambing pen/sick room/penalty box in the barn overnight. Usually a night in separate stalls is enough to make sheep forget whatever their quarrel was, but apparently not this time. Bran was going crazy and wouldn’t stop chasing Lana around, so I had to put him over with the boys for a while.

The boys certainly gave Bran a taste of his own medicine. Duke was surprisingly indifferent, but the Dukelings, Johnny, and Jeb(!) chased Bran all over the field until they were too tired to run anymore. The Dukelings were ecstatic, this is the most excitement they’ve had in ages!



The day was gloomy, and in order for the pictures to be light enough I had to turn the shutter speed down until the pictures started blurring, but they still turned out better than I thought they would.



The Dukelings kept up as best they could, but they started falling behind by about the fourth or fifth lap. Johnny stayed right on Bran’s tail the whole way.

Jeb kept stopping about halfway down the hill, and rejoining the chase when they’d pass him on the way back. I’m surprised he joined in at all, he’s not usually aggressive. Must have been something in the air that day making all the calm sheep go crazy.



One of the Dukelings got clever and decided to wait and ambush Bran on the way back. He discovered that when a fast-moving large object meets a fast-moving small object head on, the small object tends to go flying. He wasn’t at all discouraged, just got up, shook himself, and took off again.


“Stop chasing meeee!”

And off they go again…


“Stop… *huff-huff* chasing… *puff-puff* me…”

Finally they all got tired and decided to just stand around and pose intimidatingly at each other instead of all that running.


“My name is Apple Stop That and I’m the boss of this entire field! Don’t forget it!”

I don’t think Bran believed him, but he was too tired to argue. Once they could all breathe properly again they settled down and now they’re all getting along for the most part. I can’t imagine that Bran has any more pent up aggressive emotions left to vent, but it won’t hurt him to stay with the boys for a while anyway.

8 thoughts on “I Miss Things Being Boring

  1. Tell him even in this feminist, post-feminist, cis-feminist, whatever-feminist (I grew up when women were really paid less than equally qualified men, and can’t keep track of all the latest whinnying), beating up on ewes/women/ladies/girls/females is not acceptable. (And tell Lana that applies to boys/rams/wethers/men).

    • I don’t mind normal pecking order sparring or the occasional spat where it’s just jockeying and nobody gets hurt, but I don’t want them really beating each other up, regardless of gender!

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Goodness, what a laugh I had over this post. It was manic out there, and the wee bits were having a ball. That Jeb joined in is shocking! I’d have had him in a corner all wild-eyed with concern.

    You know, wonder if it was just pent-up energy and nerves? My human boys go beserkers on occasion and lose all sense, period, wrestling and bashing. Then they’re all worn-out and gaspy afterwords and go read a book, or are sent to room to do ditto.

    Hoping Liam and Nina have calmed Lana. Shy waif-with-poufy-coat, she has ever been apt to flee, so it really surprised me that she fought so much. Say, she wouldn’t have been protecting Nina, would she? Maybe that’s how it got started and then they forgot everything except that they were mad at each other.

    The pictures did work well…bravo on working with poor light.



    • It could have been pent-up energy, I think everyone was a bit droopy when it was so hot with them in full fleece. When it finally turns cold they do tend to get a bit hyper. πŸ™‚

      I didn’t see how it started, but Nina was off hopping around play-fighting with Holly and Mira, (Nina and Holly were playing anyway, it’s sometimes hard to tell with Mira, haha) and completely ignoring Lana and Bran, so I can’t say for sure.

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