Boring is Good

Barney hurt his foot a few days ago, but he’s fine now so I suppose it was just a strain. When the ground keeps going back and forth from frozen solid to soupy mud this quickly, it’s not unusual for somebody to slip and fall and end up limping for a day or two.

When he started limping I moved him over with the girls so he could sleep in the barn without being pestered by the Dukelings, and it only took him one night to make a miraculous recovery. If he was a Soay I’d think I got played, but I don’t think Barney is devious enough to fake an injury like that. I’ve decided to leave him with the girls for a while anyway. He deserves a break from being a ram-buddy, and there’s no one in the ewe pen anymore that he absolutely can’t get along with.

With him recovered and the late-pregnancy drama not distinguishable from normal drama started yet, it’s been one of those lovely times when the juiciest gossip is just who ate breakfast with who at which feeder. Boring to post about, but a nice break for me.


“I seee yooou! Dad and Lana, sitting in a tree!”

Liam was trying to have a nice breakfast with his two favorite things, Lana and food, but there’s Duchess being a third wheel and Little John’s head popping up over the hay rack every minute or so to see what his dear old dad’s up to.


“He did not get that from MY side of the family!”

Of course not, Liam is a highly respectable sheep who wouldn’t dream of climbing on a hay feeder for no good reason. There’s not much question of where those troublesome climbing genes came from.


“The hay on top is better!”

Johnny may not have gotten his father’s personality, but he did get enough of Liam’s genes that he’s taller and his head is bigger than most of his mother’s side of the family, so he doesn’t just eat high up on the feeder, he reaches right over the top and pulls hay out that way.



I’d think he’d give it up once reaching the hay requires bending his neck at an angle that looks physically painful and makes him choke, but noooo. He keeps pulling it out and dropping a lot of it all over the Dukelings eating next to him.


“But it really does taste better this way, Shepherdperson!”

OK, Johnny, whatever you say. The hay-climbing thing is another instance where I’ve decided not to question why they insist on doing that, and just accept that they do and for some reason it makes them happy.


8 thoughts on “Boring is Good

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Peaceful and foggy. All’s well. Happy Barney recovered so quickly. Wonder what happened overnight to wreak such a change?

    • Well it looked like he’d originally hurt his right forefoot, then hopped around on three legs so long he wore out his left forefoot, so then he couldn’t/didn’t want to walk at all. I put him in the small lambing stall/sick room/penalty box in the barn overnight, and I think the rest let him recover faster.

    • Yes it is! It’s the best thing when they’re happy!

      …As long as it’s not one of the Splendid Games that involves mass destruction with a side order of possible death, like when the Dukelings were obsessed with using the hoop house roof as a trampoline until the tarp broke and they fell through, lol. Then I have to be a spoilsport.

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