Ice Cubes


“Every morning water gets put in these red buckets, and the next morning they dump out big chunks of ice and fill the buckets up with water again! I wonder why ShepherdPerson wants so much ice?”

“Maybe the ice is a new kind of treat! The BarkyYappyDog likes to eat the ice out of the other buckets when the pieces are small enough to pull through the fence.”

Nova and Mira supervise the re-filling of the small water buckets by the barn. The buckets are narrow, so they freeze into solid chunks that have to be dumped out instead of just freezing across the surface like the larger blue buckets.


“I think you’re right, I think the ice is for us to lick!”

“Or maybe we’re supposed to drink all the water before it freezes? …Nah, you’re right, the ice has to be important.”

Nova and Mira determinedly licked those chunks of ice until Mira lost interest and wandered off, and Lady came charging over with Holly to see what the fuss is about. A boss ewe with a challenger can’t afford to ignore what her rival is doing.


“I’m still boss around here, Nova, all the ice-for-licking should be mine and Holly’s!”

“Nuh-uh, this block is mine!”

Holly licked “her” block for a while, but didn’t seem to really understand the attraction. She and I were in agreement on that, I don’t understand it either.


“I think I’d rather just drink the new water, it’s a lot less work, and it’s not so cold.”

“But not as much fun!”

“Wonder how many licks it’ll take to get to the middle?”

At some point though, you have to give up trying to figure out why the sheep think something is a Splendid Game, and just accept that it will continue to be a Splendid Game as long as the sheep think it is.

Speaking of Splendid Games, I was alarmed on my way back to the house to see that the basement door hadn’t latched and the wind had blown it open.

I was alarmed, the dogs were ecstatic.


“Hey, I can get in the basement where all the yummy wool is! Hooray!”


“Hey, I can get in the house, where all the heat and the comfy beds are! Hooray!”


“Awww, she kicked us out and locked the door! Why’d she do that!”

“It’s obviously your fault, Echo! She probably would have let me eat that yummy wool if you hadn’t tried to eat the crunchies! Now we’re locked out forever and ever!”

They’re newly disappointed every time I won’t let them play in the basement. As soon as they hear me going up the stairs they run around to the upstairs door, and upstairs has all the comfy dog beds and chew toys and their breakfast, so I don’t know that they have all that much to look so miserable about.

The forecast looks like it’s going to stay fairly warm for a while, so hopefully there won’t be too many giant ice cubes or frosted puppy paws in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Ice Cubes

  1. I have a cat who is desperate to get into the garage (which is not a good place for a feline to be)! None of my animals, however, are keen on ice.

    • Watcher is crazy about it, Echo will chew on it a little just because Watcher is, but isn’t really that enthusiastic about it. And apparently the sheep like to lick it, lol.

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