Keeping Candy From A Baby



“Whacha got, Mommy?”

It’s a candy cane, it’s people food, not for baby sheep.


“I want it!”

No, you can’t have it. This is mommy’s, it’s too sugary for you.


“But I REALLY want it! Stop moving your arm!”

No, sweetheart, you can’t have it.


“Haha! Got it!”

I knew I shouldn’t try to juggle a candy cane, a sheep, and a camera at the same time.

The other girls were all watching the contest with rapt attention.


“What is this new MaybeFoodThing? Is it a new kind of crunchy treat?”

It’s blurry because I was still fighting with Mira over the candy cane in my other hand. She sucked on it a bit, but I got it away before she managed to bite any off. I had to stand up and hold it over my head to keep it away from her.

I couldn’t let her eat six inches of pure sugar, but I wasn’t going to eat it myself with Mira-slobber all over it, so the candy cane got tossed into the woods. I offered to let her lick the melted sticky stuff on my fingers, but she was mad I pitched “her” candy and stomped off in a huff.

Lady was perfectly willing to try it though. She liked the sugar I think, but wasn’t any too sure about the peppermint taste.


“My tongue is tingly!”

I’ll have to add candy to the list of things that can’t be taken into the sheep field without ending up in a sheep’s mouth, right below books, earbuds, and shoes with shoelaces.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Candy From A Baby

    • I know horses like peppermint, I never thought about giving it to the sheep. It’s more messy and sugary than chex though, and I’d be afraid they’d eat them wrappers and all when they pick my pockets, lol!

  1. That last photo is SO cute! I think you should get some of the tiny candy canes for edtra special treats ~ that would be cute 🙂
    Happy N-ewe Year!!!

  2. Your Soays are too cute! Especially Mira. You’ve inspired me to get a couple of them this Spring, to join my couple of goats. Can’t wait!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Noah has made the same face after trying peppermint that Lady did. Gah, tingly! When he sees this picture he will probably say, “Lady know what’s good…and what isn’t.”

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