Morning Rush

I propped my camera on a cinder block so I could film everyone charging out of the barn this morning. It worked beautifully, except for that part where Nina tried to eat the camera. And it got a bit jerky at the end, because Nova kept chewing on my knee and that makes it hard to turn smoothly. Still not a bad little video overall, I think.

Neo, who’s usually pretty laid-back, seemed to be annoyed by Will’s general existence today; he wouldn’t quit picking fights. Bran and Will have been friends since they were babies, so Bran had to jump in on Will’s side.

The girls ignored the whole thing and stayed right by my legs, hoping for crunchies, while Mira abandoned me in favor of trying to get back into the barn. She’d seen the bag of crunchies on the shelf and wanted to go check that out.

I used the lure of crunchies to bribe her into letting me put reindeer antlers on her head, but the moment she noticed she threw a massive tantrum, and by the time she quit spinning around trying to scrape them off she’d knocked them crooked and bent one antler over.


“Whyyy, Mommy?”

She did look awfully cute, even with the antlers lopsided. It wasn’t until after she’d finished her tantrum I remembered that she might be pregnant, and you’re not supposed to stress out newly-pregnant ewes. Oops.


“I will have you know I am a delicate flower and you should be ashamed of yourself!”

If it was Nova or Duchess I’d be worried, but Mira wasn’t really what I’d call “stressed,” just supremely annoyed. She’s a bottle baby, she grew up with me dressing her up in sweaters and coats and flower wreaths. I’m sure she’s fine. At any rate, she’s not so delicate that she couldn’t give me quite a head-bump to the leg when I was trying to get the antlers back off of her.

I tried getting the antlers onto Holly, since I’ve been singing every Christmas song with the word “holly” in it to her for weeks. Her response was, loosely translated, “AAAHHHhhhhh! No! Mommy! Help!” so I gave up. I want Christmas pictures, but not enough to actually traumatize the poor little sheepies.


“I like getting crunchies, but I’m too shy for dress-up…”

Back in yard, I put the antlers on Watcher and he immediately went into convulsions like I’d attached a live current to his head. A dog trying to bite his tail is funny, but a dog trying to bite his own head is hilarious.


“Get it off! Get it off!”



He finally did get them off, so I rescued the headband before he could “kill” it and put it on Echo. Echo kindly tolerated the antlers as long as I kept petting him while taking pictures, which is a rather difficult photography stunt to pull off. Although his expression suggests he’s not too confident of my sanity.


“The things a dog has to do to get petted around here, good grief…”

Nobody seems to be much in the Christmas spirit today, but then it doesn’t look very much like Christmas. The last few years we haven’t had enough snow for Christmas pictures until well into the new year. I took some “Christmas” pictures back during the heavy snows in February just in case I couldn’t get any in December, so I can always use those I suppose.


8 thoughts on “Morning Rush

  1. I’ll help with the snow and temps too haha Boy, talk about releasing the prisoners! And if I cannot butt heads I’ll just butt BUTTS! Great video with them showing their true selves…….and just where did I see those crunchies?

  2. The Boyz head-butting (and butt-butting) each other is rather funny.Mira in reindeer antlers is funny. The dogs are funny.

    Face it, Kiddo, you’re ShepherdPerson to a flock of comedians. 😉

  3. Happy, happy, happy, butt-bopping, Nina’s breathy nibbly muzzle and all. What a nice view of morningtime. Boy, are their characters all apparent. Mira’s a smart one…

    Loved the antlers 🙂

    Very best,


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