Looking Back

I’ve been getting ready to transfer the year’s pictures off of my camera card to my external hard drive. According to the card, I’ve taken over 4,000 pictures this year, of which I’m guessing at least 90% are of the sheep and/or the dogs.

The vast majority of the pictures never end up being posted anywhere or printed out, but I keep most of them anyway, because I enjoy occasionally going back and looking through them. Even the ones that are out of focus, or not zoomed in/out enough, or just not good enough individually to post, help preserve stories when they’re all viewed together. Scrolling through the files all at once is like going backwards through a timeline made up of pictures. Usually lot of fun, sometimes a lot of tears, but always a lot of love.

I laughed at seeing how many pictures I have of Mira leaning/sitting/climbing on me, gradually getting smaller as I scrolled back towards January. She’s still my baby, but she has grown a lot more than I’d realized this year!


“Good thing, too! Last winter I could barely reach your pockets, even on my back tippy-toes!”

It is such a relief to know she no longer has any problems reaching high enough to pilfer my pockets whenever she feels like it. She’s grown a lot, but I’m not sure I’d say she’s matured very much since last January.

I especially enjoyed looking at the pictures of the newborn lambs from this year, in light of my recent frustrations dealing with rams. Rams may be massive headaches (to me, and more literally to each other) but you need rams to get baby lambs, and baby lambs are just so cute.








So I am forced to admit that the rams are worth it. That picture of half-sisters Mira and Holly together is one of my very favorites from this year. And a picture of two sheep named Miracle and Holly is very seasonally appropriate, too!

It’s been very rainy, muddy, and cloudy around here lately. I never complain much about rain, but it does make pictures turn out gloomy, dim, and dismal looking, especially at the high shutter speeds I have to use to get clear pictures of high-energy little animals that won’t hold still for the camera. The first picture in this post, the one of Mira, is the only one from today that turned out at all usable.

Even if today wasn’t much good for taking pictures, it’s a very good time to look back at pictures of sunnier days, and look forward to more sunny days in the future.


9 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Yes ~ they’ve grown a lot! Hope the ram dudes are not continuing to be a headache. Maybe they needed padded fences. (Like that would work)

  2. Yes, I guess the rams are worth all the headaches what with the adorable cutie patootie lambs!! So sweet when they are babies and running and spronging around. I love all your photos and look forward to many, many more next year!!

  3. I love looking at lamb photos. And Mira photos (but don’t tell her that; she’s already spoiled). And Liam – with his fleece, he just gets rounder and rounder.

  4. Those babies are too cute, thanks for reminding us. it was 5 here this morning and will be -3 on Sat morning. be thankful for the mud!!

  5. Dear Sara,
    Their lambie ears. It’s those little ears and short muzzles. Gets me every time. Gracious, Holly is gorgeous, and like you, love the photo of her and of Mira together, obviously buddies and clearly your buddies, too. There’s that unafraid, familiar, “hello, why yes, please snap one of us two together, will you, so we can all remember this day” sort of look in their eyes.

    No, not great weather in town, either. It became dim here late afternoon, when high clouds ate the life out of the sunlight, weakening it to drab,. That particular worn, tired light only comes at the end of the year and it’s beyond malencholy. It’s almost despairing, and would be if not for each morning’s brief vigor, and knowing that the new year is coming, and that the Advent season will bring new hope when it becomes Christmastide.

    Hoping all shep are snug in the barn and exhaling happy hay-fresh warm breaths, and all dogs and people are equally snug indoors, where we can laugh at 11 degrees, ir 5, or -3!

    Very best,


    • The dogs keep going out, figuring out it’s still cold, turning around and coming straight back in. They feel so betrayed that I make them stay out long enough to potty outside, lol.

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