Forgive me if my writing sounds rambling today, I’m too tired and cold to think clearly, let alone write clearly.

Today it was Lady’s turn to cause drama. She came in heat today, so Duke and BB had to fight a mighty duel for her favor through the fence first thing in the morning. They both beat their heads bloody and BB broke the end off one of his horns. At least now it almost matches the one that was already broken. It was an exceptionally stupid duel, since neither ram had access to Lady, but both rams were taking it very seriously.


“It worked last time! Besides, it’s the principle of the thing!”

I’m electing to blame the whole thing on Duchess, the resident femme fatale who got it into BB’s head that he should be able to bust out whenever somebody in the other field bats her eyelashes at him.


“Me? Give people bad ideas? I would never!”

It took me an hour to get BB to knock it off long enough to go into the pen with the butting board, where he’s supposed to be. They’re free to beat themselves silly all they like across that fence, as long as they can’t get in with the girls or each other. Then I had to take stock of injuries (minor, mostly cosmetic), and patch the poor cattle panel fence back up. Again.

Prince Bran decided he’d had quite enough of this testosterone-fueled nonsense and he wasn’t going to play with BB anymore. He got out while I was trying to get BB in, ran off to the far end of the field and wouldn’t come back. I tricked persuaded Liam to replace him as ram-buddy.


“Hey, I didn’t volunteer for this! I was just following the bag of crunchies, I don’t want this job!”

Liam is twice BB’s size, probably three times counting the wool. He’s a pretty laid-back boy, but he doesn’t stand for other sheep pushing him around. I’m pretty sure BB won’t be able to bully him very much.

Will was more willing to take the job, but he’s too little for me to be comfortable with that. He’d have been miserable once he was in there, anyway. Of course, he is Weeping Willie, most dramatic out of a whole family of drama sheep. I think he just likes being miserable, it gives him something to cry about.


“Spoilsport ShepherdPerson, never lets me have any fun.”

Nova was not a bit phased by all the drama, and decided to work on her pickpocketing skills while I was distracted.


“In all this chaos, she’ll never notice me checking out her pockets!”

Believe it or not, even exhausted and half frozen I do actually notice when I’m being chewed on. Nova was out of luck anyway, I’d used up all the crunchies getting Liam into the pen with BB.

The dogs were very worried about me staying gone so long. Echo was so relieved when I came back into the yard that he jumped up and started licking my face, which I don’t think he’s ever done before. He usually greets me by rubbing against my legs, not jumping up on me. He startled me into dropping my stock cane, which Watcher immediately appropriated.


“Maybe if I have the ShepherdPerson stick the sheep will pay attention to me! I can be ShepherdColliePerson!”

If Watcher wants the job, he can have it, at least until spring. I think my toes are frostbitten from being out there so long. BB’s just going to have to sleep outside if I can’t get him to and from the barn without anarchy breaking out.

Things didn’t turn out too badly though. At least the whole mess was resolved without any loss (or unsanctioned creation!) of life. And at this point a little more baling twine holding the fence together isn’t going to make that much difference.


8 thoughts on “Thwarted

  1. This is getting a little scary……….. you alone with these powerful sheep (small tho they may be!) and it doesn’t appear that the 2 dogs know what to do to help you!! Please be careful and don’t turn your back on them.

    • I am very careful around rams, I carry my stock came with me and I don’t ever turn my back on them. Being careful is why it took so long to break the rams up this morning, I wasn’t going to risk getting between them. I got nailed by BB once, I’m not taking a chance on it happening again!

  2. That is probably more scary for us hearing about it than for you being there but still………….You sure you need these ewe’s to be bred? Woof.

  3. Eear Sarah,
    I’m with Susan and Elaine. BB may be small but he seems to be a pretty, um, maddened male type, more I think, than Duke. How long is he remaining? Am worried for you in the meantime.

    The way Echo reacted tells me he knew something was up. He might not be a in-the-field guard dog but think he might be good at scenting and seeigng issues and be a good Danger Will Robinson indicator?

    Hoping you are warmed up now. Even Ladybug kitty, who likes rain and chill, spurned sitting outside today.



    • He is more aggressive than Duke, but part of it is that I’m messing with him too much during rut. Usually once I put the girls with Duke they just stay outside and I leave them alone until breeding season is over, but with BB I’ve been separating everyone back out every night so he can sleep in the barn. Going back and forth like that is getting him too wound up though, so he’s just going to have to stay out if he’s going to give me trouble. He’s going home around the end of the year, that’ll give me time to see if the girls cycle back.
      Echo always gets depressed if I stay out too long, he thinks I’ve abandoned him forever. He is very human oriented, and very suspicious of those shady sheep characters. He watches out for us humans and Watcher watches over the sheep. Between the two of them everyone is properly supervised. 🙂

  4. I hope the Season of Drama will be over soon for you and you can relax besides a roaring fire with hot cocoa (and something interesting in the hot cocoa).

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