Schrödinger Strikes Again

Mira was in heat a day or so before BB got here, so according to my math she should have cycled by now. She… hasn’t. Not that I’ve been able to detect anyway. I was sure she wasn’t fertile anymore by the time BB got here, but I’m starting to think maybe she was? I’m not sure. Either she came in heat this week and I missed it, or she got pregnant the very day BB got here in the very last few hours of her last cycle. Nova kept me guessing about her pregnancy status all last winter, I guess it’s Mira’s turn this year.


“I’m not saying if I’m pregnant or not, but you’ll have to feed me extra all year, just in case! Hahahaha!”

Sneaky girl, always keeping me off balance. I just hope that’s the only thing she’s copying from Nova. I kept making jokes about Nova having Schrödinger’s lamb last year, because I wouldn’t know if there was a lamb or not until the “box” opened, but she tricked me and had TWO lambs in there. Here’s hoping Mira doesn’t give me twin boys like Nova did.


“What’s wrong with twin boys? We’re super-cute!”

Apple and Ash feel the girls have gotten too much of the crunchies attention lately, and were up at the fence trying to out-cute each other. I couldn’t decide who was cuter, so they both “won” an extra treat.


“What about me? I’m cute, too! And hungry.”

Barney got an extra treat, too. He is pretty cute in that explosively-fluffy-Shetland way, and he does such a good job being Duke’s BFF he deserves special appreciation.

Mira wasn’t too happy about the boys getting crunchies. She’s still mad about Holly and Nina. I doubt she’ll ever let me separate her from the main flock again, the way I keep feeding other sheep behind her back every time she turns around.

In my defense, Holly and Nina are very persuasive. And I never have been able to resist those cute, pleading expressions all my animals are so good at making.


“Hey, nobody’s looking! Gimme crunchies!”

Holly has some sort of gunky discharge around her right eye, I’m not sure what that is. I’m assuming it’s a mild irritation after getting some chaff in her eye; that happens sometimes in winter. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I doubt it’s anything too serious. Her mother, Lady, got a big piece of straw stuck in her eye one year and languished around “dying” for two days after I got it out, but she healed up just fine.


“I remember that! My eye swelled up and watered a lot, and you sat there and fed me hay and crunchies by hand, trying to coax me to eat! That was awesome!”

Her branch of the family has such a flair for the dramatic. They’re either completely fine or mortally wounded, there is no in between.

Duchess has always been very sneaky about her pregnancies, and it looks like that’s turning out to be a common trait in her branch of the family. Until the quantum superposition of states is resolved one way or the other, I’m referring to Mira’s already pretty round belly as Schrödinger.


4 thoughts on “Schrödinger Strikes Again

  1. Hmm. Schrodinger would be a weird name for a ewe lamb. Maybe refer to the round tummy as “Schrodinga”? And keep your fingers crossed.

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