The Trials of Mira

Mira and Nova escaped back to the main flock this morning, much to BB’s displeasure. Bran wasn’t too happy about it either, since he’s still stuck keeping BB company. Nova just came out of heat and Mira isn’t due to cycle until next week, so I just let them stay out for today.

Both ewes were happy to rejoin their friends, but Mira was decidedly unhappy about this whole feed-Holly-and-Nina-crunchies thing. I’m her mommy, not theirs. Therefore, all the crunchies are also hers, not theirs. Nina wisely decided to go join Liam at the hay feeder pretty quickly, but Holly was more persistent.


“Can I have a crunchy?”

Holly’s definitely gotten the hang of the begging face.


“No! My mommy! My crunchies! You stay away!”

“Maaamaaa! Mira butted meeeee!”

“She did WHAT?!”

Mira hit poor Holly just as hard as she possibly could. Holly yelled for her mama, which brought Lady running to the rescue. She’s a very protective mother.


“You hit my BABY!”

“She was begging from my MOMMY!”

“Can I have a crunchy, while they’re busy fighting?”

This made me laugh. Holly is turning into quite the opportunist. Also, it is a fact that even in the midst of pitched battle, sheep can hear the chewing sounds of somebody else getting a crunchy treat. Generally, the combatants call truce and come running for their share.


“No! No sneaking crunchies behind my back, you cheater!”

“Too late!”

“Holly got a crunchy, that means I should get one too! And my boys, they’ll want crunchies, too!”

Occasionally, some non-combatants also hear the chewing and come running. Will and Neo are no dummies, so instead of running to me directly, they fell in line behind their mother and made a detour around the still irate Miss Mira.


“You have let this whole flock descend into total anarchy while I was gone, Mommy. Total. Anarchy. I am not happy with you.”

Mira informed me at great length (and with much pitiful pawing at my leg, and sad rubbing her face against me, and woeful pulling on the edge of my coat) that it’s very hard when your mommy is the only mommy who gives out crunchies. Everybody expects you to share the food and attention, just because your mommy is also happens to be ShepherdPerson. Nobody else has to share their mommy’s food and attention with the whole flock. It’s not fair at all.

It is very sad. I feel very sad for her. I am fairly confident, however, that she will not only survive, but also have the rest of the flock firmly reminded of her special status in very short order. Probably just in time for her to have to go back in with BB. Sigh. Her life is so very difficult. I do coddle her more than anybody else in the flock though, and she does usually end up getting more crunchies than are strictly her share, so that should make up for some of it.


10 thoughts on “The Trials of Mira

  1. Mira is saying, in sheepish, “It’s not fairrrRRR!!”

    My human kid is still down my that, and she’s Mira’s age, in human years. Eventually they’ll grow out of it.

  2. I hope Mira becomes an excellent Mum and even let’s you pet the baby. She’s really clingy but with that face, who cares!!! I just wonder what she’s thinking and what she’s trying to tell you.

  3. What a family fracas. Having two boys myself, I could relate immediately to the situation, and laughed over Holly’s taking her chance while she could. Perfectly timed kid move.

    Meanwhile, the Shetlands quietly pay attention to business and bulk up, more. Almost ready to say Prince Bran is more Shetlandish than Soayish.

    Very best,

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