I had to shut Mira, Nova, and BB into the ram pen instead of letting them run through both small pens, which has the two girls very grumpy with me. Duke was demolishing the fence in the other pen trying to get at his Bitter Rival, and the ram pen has the butting board that should keep him out. Should.


“It’s no good hiding behind that hay rack! I know you’re there! I know you’re flirting with my girlfriends!”

I am very grumpy with Duke about that fence. Nobody should be allowed to do that much damage in a single afternoon without a speeding car being involved. Besides, Nova and Mira are both his daughters, I wouldn’t let him breed them even if BB wasn’t here. He already gave me an extra set of ram lambs from Nova last year, he doesn’t need to do it again. Troublesome ram.

Neither of the girls are feeling flirty today, much to BB’s frustration. His persistent attentions are annoying the girls, so nobody involved is terribly happy at the moment. Except the Dukelings, they’re pretty happy to have the boys’ hay all to themselves while everyone else is distracted.


“Why don’t they like me? I’m handsome, and dashing, and charming!”

Poor BB. Gets dumped at a new farm with ewes that don’t like him and a murderous giant in the next field over who keeps making death threats all the time. Duchess seems to like him pretty well, but she’s not having a baby this year so it doesn’t do him any good.


“I think I know now why Mama never liked boys. They’re awfully annoying!”

Nova loves her babies, but she’s not so fond of overly flirtatious rams. I’ve told her she can’t have one without the other, but I’m not sure to what extent sheep understand the connection between rams, pregnancy, and lambs. Duchess likes boys more than babies, Lady likes both about the same, and Princess was always disgusted by the whole process start to finish.

Mira so far is torn between feeling flattered by BB’s attention, annoyed by BB’s flirting, and shocked and indignant that I won’t let her out of the ram pen when she asks. I very rarely make her stay anywhere she doesn’t want to, so when I do it takes her by surprise. Once the surprise wears off, she immediately starts trying to figure out how to get out anyway. She’s already thoroughly examined the gate and determined that she can’t squeeze through it, and the latch cannot be opened without thumbs. Or chewed through.


“You owe me a whole lot of attention and crunchies for this one, Mommy.”

Last time I checked she was making alarmingly good progress figuring out how to use the horizontal wires to climb the fence and get out. She probably remembers using the same technique to climb out of laundry baskets as a baby. She’s always been good at getting in or out of places at will.

At least she’s usually not as destructive about her escape attempts as Duke.


4 thoughts on “Disgruntled

  1. my God, those children are a full time JOB!! Sounds like Princess was well named, haha, she needs a nanny! Hope Mira doesn’t get her leg caught in her attempt to escape……..

    • Princess was definitely well named. She may have been annoyed by motherhood in general, but she always took aggressive offense to anyone messing with her lambs, so she probably wouldn’t have taken kindly to a nanny. I miss Princess.

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