British Boyfriend

The new ram arrived today! He’s a fancy pedigreed RBST registered British Soay, whose owner had him shipped all the way from Oregon. I suppose that makes him just barely good enough for Mira.


His registered name is Saltmarsh Glanton, which is a) the kind of name that would get a guy beat up a lot, and b) very hard to say at high volume, which is an important consideration for animal names. Especially male animal names.

His owner calls him Bad@$$, but I don’t want to have to cover Mira’s delicate ears every time I call his name, so while he’s here I’m going to refer to him as BB, for British Boyfriend. That might help him impress Mira and Nova, since according to the internet a lot of girls want British actors to be their boyfriends for some reason.

He looks all impressive and tough in the picture, but he is in fact slightly shorter than Mira at the shoulder. It’s very funny. I knew he was smaller than Duke, but I didn’t remember him being that small.


“I like this guy, he makes me feel tall!”

Mira was just in heat a day or so ago, so she’s not sure if she feels flirty anymore or not. I’m pretty sure it’s a bit too late for her to settle this cycle, but I’ll have to wait and see if she cycles back in three weeks to be sure.


“OK, first things first, NewBoySheep. My mommy is ShepherdPerson around here, so I am the boss of everybody, ok? Also, I’m taller than you, which is really cool.”


“She’s joking, right? She is so not the boss of me.”

Nova isn’t impressed at all by BB, but I’m sure she’ll change her mind when she comes in heat. She’s not boy crazy all the time like Duchess. I don’t think she knows what to think about a ram so much smaller than Duke.


“I’m not that short! I’m just vertically challenged!”

In his defense, it’s not like he’s the only… vertically challenged… sheep around here. All my sheep are pretty short, which is good because if they were any taller, I wouldn’t be able to keep anything away from them. As it is, I can put the box of crunchies on top of the tarp-less hoop house when I need both hands free, and it’ll be safe as long as I pick it up again pretty quickly and don’t give them too much time to think about how to get it down.


“Hey, why’d you put the crunchies way up there??”


“Not funny, ShepherdPerson! Not funny at all!”

I’m hoping I get ewe lambs next spring. I told BB he’s only allowed to sire girls, I have way too many boys hanging around as it is.


14 thoughts on “British Boyfriend

  1. That’s good he’s close by IF all goes as planned…………..haha The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
    Gang aft agley He is quite handsome.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    It wondereth me that Duke isn’t hoarsely challenging BB to battle. In the picture it almost seems as if BB is saying, “So, who’s that guy?” How do they treat one another? Has Duke figured out that BB’s got the ewes and he, their erstwhile love and guardian, does not?

    Do I or do I not see the wide, rounded derriere of what appears to be Nina at the hay rack? She has lighter legs than her mama which at points are hardly told from the droughty remains of the grass.

    Very best and praying for a stately, lengthy set of regular rains. Sunshine is lovely, but.


    • Duke is absolutely livid and has already pounded part of the fence out of shape. BB seems mostly happy to just exchange ramly grunts with him across the fence.

      That is Nina at the feeder. She was very curious about this new situation. She and Holly are both probably coming up on the beginning of puberty, so boys are more interesting than they used to be. 😉

      • Dear Sarah,
        Wish Duke could get the bum’s rush to a crate…excepting the issue if trying to get him into one into the first place, and the possibility that he’d make it jump weirdly like a box on springs, and then demolish it or himself trying to get out.

        BB, I feel for you.

        Mira, don’t go whispering to Holly and Nina. They are babies.

        Hoping Lana gets no big ideas 🙂

        Very best, and most sorry about that fence,


      • Lana has cycled twice since she’s been here as far as I can tell, but she’s very subtle and low key about it, no causing soap-opera drama like the other girls around here. 😀

  3. As I tell the 6 men I work with — I am not short I am “fun” size. Hope BB gets you some pretty ewes and that Duke does not take your fences completely out!

  4. I read your posts today backwards. I thought BB looked rather height-challenged. Hmm. Tell him to stand on a hillock when he flirts with the girls. That might help.

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