Oh Noes!


“Oh noes!” Say the puppies. “She’s gone through the gate without us again! Whatever shall we do?”


“Oh noes!” Say the boys. “All our hay is gone! We’re going to starve!”

(“Oh noes!” Says the GrumpyShepherdPerson. “I just fixed that rack and you’ve already got it half down again!”)


“Oh noes!” Say the Soay girls. “ShepherdPerson gave us more hay, but the Shetlands are blocking the boys’ feeder! We’ll have to eat from our own! The horror! The indignity!”


“Oh noes!” Says Mira. “I was stomping on Mommy’s lap to get her attention, and she grabbed my widdle toesies! That’s cheating!”


“Oh noes!” Say Duke and Duchess. “This fence is in the way of our True Love!”

“Oh noes!” Says Cedar Prince Charming. “I want to flirt with Duchess, but Daddy’s in the way! And he’s big and scary!”


“Oh noes!” Says Lady. “I seem to have gotten my offspring mixed up! This is the first one, I’m supposed to be keeping track of the newest one!”


“Oh noes!” Says Will. “I am the middle child, forgotten and abandoned! I must cry for my mama!”


“Oh, nose!” Says Mira. “Forget crying, chewing on Mommy’s nose is the best way to get her attention!”

It’s a nice autumn day today, in spite of all the complaints. The weather is beautiful, and nobody is really as upset as they’re pretending to be. Except maybe Will, but he’s always happiest when he has something to dramatically wail about, so he doesn’t count.


8 thoughts on “Oh Noes!

  1. Mira is such a Baby Girl!! Is it unusual that she still hangs on you at her age instead of fully integrating with the rest of the flock? I thought that once they reached a certain age they did not need Mama anymore. But then again, she has such a wonderful life with you so why should she grow up??!!!

    • A bit unusual maybe? I think most bottle lambs get over being clingy, but I’ve heard of some that didn’t, so I’m not sure? Being a bottle baby usually makes a pretty permanent difference in how they view humans, but again I’ve also heard of timid, flighty bottle lambs.

      She doesn’t really need me to be her mama anymore, she’s fine on her own most of the time, she just gets whiny/clingy when I’m out there. She’ll probably stop paying as much attention to me once she has her own lamb, which will make me sad on one level, but glad if she has some family in the flock. Duchess doesn’t really count, since she’s not psychologically or emotionally Mira’s mother.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Laura’s Elisabeth, a Shetland, was a bottle baby, and has always remained the huggable, into-everything sheep, so here is hoping Mira keeps her attachment to you, while passing some of it to her offspring.

    Meanwhile, your nose knows some wonderful affection.

    Very best,


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