First Casualty

“Hey, wasn’t the food hanging on the fence before?”

There goes the first hay feeder of the year. This is Cedar’s first winter, he’s not sure what to make of this development. They’ve only been eating hay for a week or two, I hope they don’t continue knocking the feeders down this fast.

This year’s sire is supposed to come next Tuesday. Probably won’t make much difference to most of the boys, but it will most likely divert Duke’s destructive energies to the fences. Because that’s so much better. Hooray.


5 thoughts on “First Casualty

  1. Started giggling. Couldn’t help it. All those little sheepy derrieres with their little tails, face all crowded over the hay, while Cedar questions you about the sudden change. A subtle and very funny image.

    Oh, Duke. Sarah, I feel for you these next weeks. It’s bitter rival season for Destructo Ram.

    Very best,

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