Hug a Sheep Day

Today is (Inter)National Hug a Sheep Day! I decided to make a nice gesture and cut the last clinging remnants of last year’s wool off of Nova. At this point I felt safe in assuming she wasn’t going to shed the rest herself, and royal woollies shouldn’t go around looking so ragged.

She, of course, was wildly appreciative of my effort. She was so happy she was literally turning backflips in the barn aisle while I tried to trim the felted clumps off. I kept getting hit by her horns and hooves, but I’m sure it was an accident. The excitement and all, she probably wasn’t paying attention.

She was not appreciative. She was blazing mad. So, so mad. She did turn at least one complete backflip trying to get away, and several times got herself at least two feet off the ground by climbing the stall walls like a cat before I could get her haltered and tethered. No butting or kicking that occurred was accidental. None of the sheep like being haltered and made to do something they don’t want to do, but those royal woollies have a wholly unique level of outraged fury all to themselves.

Mira usually makes a point of hanging around and sticking her nose into everything I do, but she took one look at that argument, decided discretion was the better part of valor and took off. Plus, it’s Be a Flirty Sheep Day today for her, so she probably wanted to do some flirting without dear old mom around to embarrass her in front of the boys. It was a bit odd, working in the barn without tripping over her every time I turned around.

Upon being released, Nova ran straight out to the other sheep, bellowing at the top of her lungs, and wasted no time telling them all many falsehoods about my evilness. I am now being Shunned. Everyone’s keeping their distance and eyeing me suspiciously. No sheep hugs for me today, apparently.


“Beware the ShepherdPerson! She will grab you when you least expect it, and do horrible, horrible things, like give you haircuts and pedicures!”

On the other hand, Nova looks so pretty and so much more comfortable after her trim! I only cut the dead part of last year’s wool off, so (despite any stories of scalping she might tell) she has plenty left to keep her warm this winter.

I’m sure all wrongs will be forgotten tonight when there are bedtime snacks to be had. Crunchies are the food of love.


“Are you finally done with the sheep? You haven’t thrown my ball yet this morning! I need to play!”

“Forget your silly running game, I haven’t had my ears petted!”

Echo thinks if there’s a Hug a Sheep day, there should be a Hug a Collie Day. I told him every day is hug a collie day, we didn’t need a special holiday.

Watcher thinks it should be Chase a Collie Day. I told him much the same thing. You don’t need a special day for something you do every day anyway.


“Get your foot off my ball! It’s Chase a Collie Day!! She needs to throw my ball so we can play chase!”

“No, no, don’t bother her with the ball, she doesn’t want to play, she wants to pet me! It’s Hug a Collie Day!”

I suppose for me, that makes it Love An Overdramatic Animal (or two, or twenty) Day. That probably doesn’t need its own day, either.


4 thoughts on “Hug a Sheep Day

    • Nova would just confiscate somebody else’s crunchies. The country may be a democratic republic, but the sheep have a constitutional monarchy, in which I am, at best, a cabinet minister, lol

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