Sign of the Times

Most ewes I can tell when they’re in heat because they turn into flirts. Duchess is a flirt all the time, so sometimes it’s hard to tell. Usually I have to judge by the behavior of the wethers.

If Will is following her around with a wistful expression, while the other boys drift in and out of orbit around her, that’s normal. If all the boys are following her constantly, that’s a bit unusual.

If Liam suddenly remembers he was a breeding ram once, and gives up following Lana around in favor of aggressively driving off all of Duchess’ other beaus, then I would say something is definitely going on.

Mira, who has proven so far not to be a flirt outside of heat, stuck close to me or trailed way behind all the confusion. She doesn’t mind a fight now and then, but Liam’s a bit intimidating when you’re as small as Mira.

“I really like Duchess now, but she’s still only interested in Duke! What’s he got that I haven’t got?”

Hum. Well. Uh. Hrm. Ahem. Let’s just say Duchess has always liked Duke best, and leave it at that.

It started raining on me while I was out there keeping an eye on the scuffle. I should have seen the signs when my traitor dogs stayed on the porch and didn’t escort me out and back. Wimps.

I may have been singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” with mangled lyrics and my most sarcastic singing voice while running back to the house.

I had to write this post on my phone, because my laptop battery is dead, so if the formatting is at all wonky blame it on WordPress having a really less than stellar mobile app.


6 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. Oh my goodness. Quiet, polite, well-behaved (well, compared to the Soays) *Liam*?!? Use your (ahem!) energy for wool, Shetland Boy. I guess when “love is in the air” it’s in the air whether a boy has his boy parts still or not.

    • I know it suprised me so much! He’s usually such a gentleman! I did use him as a ram his first fall, but he was never particularly wound up or territorial even then, and certainly not since. I don’t know what’s up with him. He’s gotten bored with the exercise now and wandered off with Lana again, so order is restored. For the moment. 😀

  2. Dear Sara,

    Lana whispered to me after the fracas that, when running, her darling resembles a heavy wooden chest on legs that somehow has gotten itself covered up in a shag rug.

    She isn’t terribly jealous, because she know that Duchess #will# turn a boy’s head, but opines that he might do well to trade second breakfast for a few daily runs around the field. Otherwise, one of these days he is going to be mistaken for an ottoman and be sat upon.

    Which wouldn’t dignified.

    Very best,


    • Haha, I can’t quite picture Liam taking up jogging, unless maybe I rigged up something to dangle treats in front of his nose, like in cartoons. Of course, then he’d have the rest of the flock chasing after him, so that would quickly descend into chaos.
      Liam maintains that it’s all wool and muscle. Lana and I let him believe it. 😉

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