Lady, I am happy to say, is not sick. I am unhappy to say she is still limping, but overall she’s much better than she was this time yesterday, so I think she’ll get over whatever she did to her leg without a vet’s intervention. If it goes on past the weekend I might reconsider, but I’m pretty sure it’s not as serious as I thought it was at first.

Sheep are notoriously stoic about injuries, but Lady’s family seem to have missed that memo. I remember she got a piece of straw in her eye when she was a youngster, and she laid around the clubhouse refusing to eat and acting like she was dying for two days after I got it out. Neo drooped around so pathetically after he was wethered, he had me fully convinced he was going to die. Will Scarlet… is Will Scarlet. There are way too many “I’m dying!” stories in his history to choose just one.


“Don’t worry, ShepherdPerson! We’re looking after Mama!”

Will and Holly (count the legs) are sticking close by Lady, just in case she needs somebody to lean on. Or possibly they’re hoping she’ll forget that they’re both supposed to be weaned. Lady has the clingiest kids in the flock. I’m giving her some space for now, staring at her most of the day yesterday sort of freaked her out, I think.

In contrast to the melodrama of Lady & Co., I would like to assure everyone that Liam is a happy, healthy sheep with absolutely no body image issues. The amount of indignation I’ve received, either in person or through my inbox, for suggesting in my last post that Liam is overweight is both surprising and honestly pretty funny.

To clarify, the word I used was “rotund,” which I understood to mean something closer to “plump” than “obese.” He’s a little heavier than I’d like him to be, but not hugely overweight. I’d just rather him not keep gaining weight at the rate he has this spring/summer. I really don’t think I’m giving them enough extra feed to affect their weight as long as they share, but unless I supervise pretty closely Liam ends up eating most of the treats. He’s not a bully, he’s just a (relatively) big sheep with a (relatively) wide head and it’s not easy for the smaller sheep to push past him.


“I don’t mean to hog the treats at bedtime, but sometimes I accidentally knock the other sheep out of the way ’cause I’m so much bigger than they are, so ShepherdPerson has to shoo me away so I don’t make myself sick and the other sheep can get their share. It doesn’t hurt my feelings; as long as I get a few treats and I get to sleep in the same stall as Lana and Nina I’m a happy boy. Especially now that we have yummy crunchies again instead of that health food stuff!”

The dogs are wholeheartedly in favor of me using Chex for treats again instead of sheep feed, because crunchy cereal can be a dog treat as well as a sheep treat, but the sheep feed is only edible to sheep. They know this, because they kept stealing my treat bag when I stopped to pet them, then making disgusted faces when they tried to eat the feed pellets.

Echo’s feeling neglected with how much time I’ve been spending out with the sheep. He was staking out the basement door today, making sure I didn’t get past him without giving him some attention. He wouldn’t have said no to crunchies, but I didn’t have any on me this morning.


“You were out there forever! I was worried! I thought you’d never come back! Who would pet my ears if you left me?”

Everybody loves Echo. Everybody pets Echo’s ears. He is not suffering from lack of attention. Even Watcher chews on Echo’s ears, although Echo isn’t too crazy about that.


“Don’t worry, Echo! I’ll chew your ears if all the humans are too busy!”

“Nooo, you get them all slobbery! I want real pets! And maybe a belly rub!”

Poor doggy. So sad. I made sure to pet both of them before coming inside. Sometimes I think maybe I should feed and caffeinate myself before I go out in the morning, instead of after.


4 thoughts on “Overreacting

  1. I’m glad Lady is simply milking her sprain. Good luck keeping her adult children from milking her! And count me in among the Liam’s not fat supporters.

  2. ALWAYS feed and caffeinate yourself FIRST šŸ™‚ Those ‘children’ of yours are a full time job! and you are doing a great job, except for neglecting Echo’s ears………..

  3. Dear Sarah,
    The best of children, offering their mama support, even if it’s in hope for a little stolen milk…
    Please give His Rotundity* a hug for me; he’s my hero (okay, he’s Lana’s and Nina’s hero).
    Very best,
    *His Rotundity was a name first bestowed upon John Adams, when he was president. Don’t get any ideas, Liam; Lady and Nova won’t stand for it.

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