Fairest of Them All

Mira, Mira, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Mira came in heat for what I’m pretty sure is the first time today. She didn’t just inherit Duchess’s looks, she definitely also inherited her mother’s flirting skills. She’s driving everyone crazy with her over-the-top antics.


“Hey Mom, you know what? Boys are a lot more interesting than I thought they were!”

I’m not sure the pasture can handle two such beautiful ewes. Mira certainly thinks she doesn’t need the competition. I expected her to be flirtatious when she grew up, I wasn’t expecting her to be so catty. I probably shouldn’t be surprised; she never has been very good at sharing.

It seems Duchess isn’t good at sharing either. She was never interested in anyone other than Duke, but that doesn’t mean she’s ok with Mira flirting with her beaus. The two of them have embarked on an absurd rivalry over the hearts of the local boys. Prima donnas, both of them.


“I’M the fairest of them all! Not you!”

Neo’s somewhat nervous presence behind the tree was purely coincidental; he made it abundantly clear he wanted no part of any fight between feuding females

Duchess has always been pretty low-ranking and never wanted to be in charge of the flock, but apparently she does like being queen bee in the world of sheepy romance. She keeps glaring at me like it’s all my fault Mira turned out exactly like her. I think she’s deeply unimpressed by my lamb parenting skills. I refuse to accept blame, I’m positive there’s more of Duchess’s nature than my nurture at work here.


“Fine job YOU did, teaching that girl manners!”

Duke has commenced his annual fall tradition of pacing up and down the fence making strangled noises of rage and frustration. Meanwhile his pasturemates have commenced their annual fall tradition of staying as far away from Duke as possible.


“Hey girls! Over here! I think you’re both pretty! Hey!”

Everything should be temporarily back to normal in a day or two, once Mira isn’t in heat anymore. I’m hoping Mira won’t turn out to be so much like Duchess that she acts the same whether she’s in heat or not. Breaking up the fights would get very old very fast. I don’t think she will, she’s never been overly interested in boys before, and as far as I can tell Duchess was born flirting. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

The one calm point in the raging hormonal storm is that sweet Liam remains steadfastly devoted to Lana, regardless of all the drama going on about Team Mira or Team Duchess.


“At least MY girlfriend is SANE! And she’s fluffy like me!”

A match made in heaven.


8 thoughts on “Fairest of Them All

  1. Dear Sarah,

    I *thought* I saw Liam next to Lana in picture number three…and the later picture proved it. Liam is good for her, you know. At Square Peg she was often a little off by herself. Now she is flockier, if that’s a word. She seems to have given Nina some breathing space. Or Nina has just created some by running off with her pals :}

    Mira is *butting*? Oh boy. Watch out. Some year she might have a darling, lap-loving lamb, though, perhaps? Or wait, if she’s Duke’s daughter, well, probably not?

    Very best,


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