It’s Hard to be Sneaky


“Do we get morning crunchies today?”

Holly and Neo are sticking close to their mother for breakfast today. Will failed yet again to sneak milk off of Lady, and wandered off with Duchess in a huff. Duchess remains unimpressed by his attentions.

I’m almost positive that Holly is now taller than Lady, which makes poor Lady the shortest of her family again. Holly does have a fluffy lamb coat though, it could be her fluff making her look taller than she is.

Fluffy though Holly is, nobody does fluffy lamb coat like Nina! She’s officially moving into “cotton ball with legs” territory.


“I’m hiding behind these weeds, super-sneaky! You can’t see me!”

Nina tries very hard to fit in by copying her Soay pasturemates’ games. Some games she’s more successful at than others, but I can’t really fault her stealth skills. Hide-and-seek is a Splendid Game that the sheep love to play but don’t seem to be very good at, except for newborn lambs hiding in tall grass. Even the Soays tend to forget that hiding their heads doesn’t make them invisible.


“Are you sure we can’t have morning crunchies?”

Sweet Neo. Part of my very first lamb crop, and one of my favorite wethers (shhh!). He’s just so friendly and handsome. He’s the biggest Soay I have aside from Duke, but he almost never starts fights.


“Mommy! Crunchies! Gimme, gimme!”

Unlike this little girl, who has started picking fights all over the place lately. Last year I wasn’t sure if she ever really hit puberty, but she definitely has this year. Hormones, so many hormones. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Mira got in the way and put everything in her mouth supervised while we replaced the tarps on one of the girls’ hoop houses yesterday. She was rather dubious about the sudden lack of windows, but she was very pleased by the shade. If only I could get the little hooligans to see the correlation, lack of windows = presence of shade, maybe they would quit tearing the tarps up so much. Probably not, but maybe.


“If there are no morning crunchies, then we have more important business to attend to! Goodbye!”

The classic picture of Soays: lots of tails, conspicuously ignoring ShepherdPerson, with one appointed lookout keeping an eye on me in case I suddenly decide to fulfill my primary function and produce food. Or, given that it’s Duchess on watch, in case I randomly go crazy and decide to eat them. I think Duchess still worries about that, which would hurt my feelings if she wasn’t half convinced that everything is about to eat her.

Mira didn’t inherit that timidity. She doesn’t give up on morning crunchies as easily as the others, either. She’s been in my lap enough to know that sometimes even if I’m not feeding her crunchies, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. She must therefore check all of my pockets herself and get muddy little hoofmarks all over my pants before she’s satisfied that I’m not holding out on her.


“You can’t sneak anything past me!”

The classic picture of Mira: close up and posing for the camera. She very rarely even tries to be sneaky, just marches right up and demands to have her way. Which she usually gets, being cute, sassy, and my baby. Which means she has very little reason to be sneaky, I suppose.


8 thoughts on “It’s Hard to be Sneaky

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Three of the cutest Soays ever: Mira, Holly, Neo. Mira will always look like a baby to me, grown up though she is.

    Look at Nina’s fleece! Gracious! It’s sort of a cross between her Dad Toffee’s fleece, and her Mama Lana’s long bleached-blond hair. Funny girl. Glad she is playful.

    Very best,


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