A Good-Natured Debate

Who knew “where shall we go for breakfast?” was such a controversial question? No wonder Liam and the two Shetland girls usually steer clear of the Soay crowd in the mornings, until they all have something in their tummies and are feeling less cranky.


5 thoughts on “A Good-Natured Debate

  1. My goodness, My grumpinesses! You’d think a head bonk before breakfast might spoil it’s taste. Or perhaps it’s better to bonk first rather afterwards in case the tummies get addled πŸ™‚

    This was right after being let out of the barn?

    By the way, “The flock that grazes together, stay-es together” is now an aphorism around here. πŸ™‚

    Very best,

    • Yep, right out the door. I think maybe after spending the night split into two stalls, they have to spare to confirm that the pecking order didn’t change while they were asleep.

      The Shetlands seem less concerned with pecking order, they’re usually content to grazes and stay-es in peace as long as they have friends close by.

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