Love and War

Tonight putting everyone to bed was delayed, due to Neo and Will determinedly attempting to kill each other. All in a spirit of brotherly love, of course.



Quite a few minutes later, the gladiators pause for breath…


“Give up, Will?”


“Boys are so silly, aren’t they, ShepherdPerson?”

They are indeed, Duchess. Even wethers aren’t above showing off in front of the girls. All male sheep are convinced that bonking their heads together really hard is the best way to get a ewe’s attention, but I’ve never detected that the ewes are overly impressed by a male’s head-bonking prowess.

Holly was very excited by this mortal combat Splendid Game her big brothers were playing, and kept bouncing around egging them both on, until she got so wound up she ran off to pick a fight with Mira. All in a sense of half-sisterly love, of course.


“Fight me!”

“OK, but you started it!”

Mira finished it. She was not feeling the half-sisterly love. Then she saw me taking pictures, and came strutting over to me all proud of herself and her exceptional toughness, while Holly bounced back off to Lady and spent the rest of her energy vanquishing invisible opponents that didn’t hit back quite so hard.

Will and Neo were so impressed by Mira’s exceptional head-bonking skills that they forgot they were trying to kill each other. It may not do much for the ewes, but apparently the boys are very impressed by a good duel of foreheads at ten paces.


“Whoa, did you see that??”

“I think I’m in love…”

I think Mira’s going to end up with as many boyfriends as Duchess.


5 thoughts on “Love and War

  1. Boys of all types head-bonk for no apparent reason. My twins do when wrestling, and they’re not sheep. Nor do they have particularly hard foreheads, just enhancing the pointlessness.
    Le sigh,

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