Not Morning People



The little ram lambs are sleepyheads. I think it’s sweet how they always sleep together in a pile, like so many puppies. I think it’s even sweeter that Duke is always bedded down nearby, keeping drowsy watch over his boys.


“Maybe it’s not so bad, having all these sons…”

I’ve taken to calling the boys the Dukelings, given the way they follow him everywhere and imitate him. I think maybe he likes having fans. He’ll probably like it less as the days get shorter, hormone levels get higher, and other males go from his pasture buddies to his Bitter Rivals. It’s fun to watch them for now, though.


“Can the days just get shorter in the morning, so I can sleep later?”

I asked him who would save all the damsels in distress if Prince Charming slept the day away, but he didn’t seem too concerned. At his age, his interest in damsels is still a sort of vague and nebulous thing in the back of his brain. And I imagine any of my girls would probably be highly offended to be called a damsel in distress.


6 thoughts on “Not Morning People

  1. Duke! What a good baby-sitter you are! For now. That’s all right; when I used to babysit, there were times I had daydreams of what I wanted to do to the “little darlings” who misbehaved. Politically incorrect.

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