Lana and Nina have been very popular with the Shetland and half-Shetland boys. They are thrilled to see some girls that Look Just Like Them. They all follow Lana, but the Soays won’t, which has sort of split my flock. I think it’s fascinating that the boys would gravitate so strongly towards a ewe of their own breed. The half-Shetlands are particularly interesting, given that they both had Soay mothers and never saw a Shetland ewe before these two came.


“She looks like us! Maybe she’s not crazy like those Soays!”

Barney is particularly smitten, given that Lana and Nina are both his color, and Lana at least seems to have a similar fleece type to his.


“Take that, Duke! I’ve finally got a girlfriend, and you’re babysitting babies!” *Blows raspberries in Duke’s general direction*

Duke will probably remember to resent that when he gets off of babysitting duty.


“How much longer am I stuck in here? How. Much. Longer???”

Cedar, Apple, and Ash are all practicing their pitiful expressions, by carefully copying Duke. Chestnut is hiding behind Duke here, but I’m sure he’s getting pretty good at the sad face, too.



The Soays don’t flock as closely as the Shetlands, but they all seem to more or less follow Lady around more often than not. For Soays, that’s a pretty strong endorsement. They’re a strong willed, independent little bunch. Having three of her lambs in the flock gives Lady a pretty good group of supporters by default.


“Me, Will, and Neo follow Mama the most! Will kept trying to poach my milk at first, but Mama wouldn’t let him. She says I’m a big girl and don’t need much milk anymore, either. I don’t know what I think about that.”

Holly’s growing into such a pretty ewe, even if she doesn’t have horns. The freckles on her body are sort of being absorbed into the brown of her fleece, but she still has sharp white markings on the wool-less parts of her legs, tail, and face. I love her eye patch.

I’ve informed Holly that when she grows up she needs to shed clean like her mother and her big brother Will, not hang onto it all year like big(ger) brother Neo. Lady’s just got the one little patch left on her shoulder and Will lost the last of his fleece months ago. I didn’t think I would ever tell anyone to be more like Will Scarlet, but stranger things have happened. Probably.

Neo, on the other hand, only sheds in patches. He got his annual haircut a few days ago when he seemed to be having a little trouble with the heat, and in protest of my taking such liberties he’s temporarily joined the less ShepherdPerson-friendly Shetland Party.


“I’m hanging out with you guys for a while; ShepherdPerson stopped me from getting heatstroke and I’m mad about it!”

“Tell me about it, she even does me twice a year!”

Barney’s going to need shearing again in August, which neither of us look forward to with much joy.

Neo’s always been a friendly boy, I’m sure he’ll get over his snit pretty quickly and go back to the Soay Party. Having your mother be (kinda-sorta) boss has to be a good thing.


8 thoughts on “Bipartisan

  1. I am interested in this idea of like following like. I had a really ‘wild’ boxer/Ir Wolfhound who was a PISTOL and wanted to be the KING of every dog he ever met. scheech But he was raised with my Ir. Wolfhounds and one day in a BIG dog park we came on a ‘pack’ of Wolfhounds with their owner and he was like……WOW, these are MY people!! It was so obvious.

  2. Dear Sara,

    Well I’ll be: we have a natural ovine social experiment here, with documented results and everything! Who knew Lana could *lead*? Certainly not me; she was pretty low in the queue at Square Peg Farm. Lucky her that she’s the only adult Shetland.

    Of course, I understand that it’s actually Nina who figured out what a good plan that going into the barn nicely is, and led her mother. Perhaps she’s Lana’s secret advisor. She’s so huge now I can hardly tell her from her mama.

    As for the growing Soays, Holly’s beauty stole my eyes, but Mira shall always have my heart :}

    Very best,


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