Poor Boys

I had planned to wean the boys next week, but they started being… precocious… and it was driving the girls crazy, so they got weaned yesterday. Of course they instantly changed their minds about being big boys. Now they’re insisting they’re still babies.


“What have you done to us poor littles? We are too itty-bitty to be weaned!”

That little doofus in front? The one yelling at the camera? That’s Ash. I was just feeling sorry for him the other day because he’d never done anything very noteworthy so I’d never given him any individual attention on the blog. He made up for it yesterday when I was moving them.

I got the other lambs into the small pen pretty easily, but Ash figured out the fence isn’t anchored where it meets the corner of the barn. He got out and started running laps, through that gap, around the side of the barn, down the aisle of the barn, and through the gap again. Over and over, round and round, screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time.

I must have chased that brat around the barn for at least 15 minutes before I finally caught him and dragged him off by his horn. I only managed to catch him because he got out of breath, tried to hide behind a bunch of shovels and rakes and knocked them over on himself. That’ll teach me to feel sorry for him.

I let all the wethers in with the girls and put Duke in the small pen with the babies. Normally I wouldn’t use a ram as a babysitter, but Duke has always been very gentle with lambs. I suppose they’re too small to register on his Bitter Rival Radar. The lambs were scared of him at first, but he’s been a very good boy so far.


“Lambs, I am your father!”


The screaming was ear-splitting. I took a video of nothing in particular just to get a recording of the sheer volume those boys were producing.

Poor Nova is very upset. She was tired of looking after the boys, and they were driving her up the wall, but without them she doesn’t have any family left to hang out with now.


“You stay away from me, ScaryShepherdPerson!”

Holly keeps hiding behind her mother and eyeing me warily, in case I realize I missed her when I moved the lambs. I’ve reassured her that girl lambs don’t have to move out, but she’s still suspicious.


“Ram lambs are usually annoying, but I think I miss Cedar and Chestnut…”

“I don’t! They were annoying!”

Duchess misses her foster lambs, but she’s got Mira to hang out with, so she’s not totally alone. I’m happy she and Mira are friends.

Mira does not miss the boys. At all. They kept flirting with her, and competing with her for my attention. Mira says good riddance.

This morning the crying has mostly died down, and the boys have decided they like Duke after all, unfortunately for him. They keep trying to nurse off of him and keep punching him in the “udder” trying to get milk. They’ve never been in a field with an intact ram before, so apparently they don’t recognize that’s not an udder they’re punching. I am proud of Duke’s pain tolerance.


“I’ll keep an eye on you runts, but I am NOT feeding you!”

That silver/red gate won’t keep little ram lambs in, so it needs to have some chicken wire attached. As soon as that’s done, Duke and the babies can move into a larger field with some of the older wethers. For now, he’s stuck in the small pen with a row of little ducklings lambs following him around.


“How long do I have to stay in here? Why do I have so many sons???”

It’s really all his fault. If he’d listened to me, there would only be two ram lambs to be weaned. Ash and Apple were conceived without my permission. Rams who bust through the fence and double my lamb crop don’t get to complain about babysitting duty.


5 thoughts on “Poor Boys

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Had to say that I laughed and laughed…much needed laughter. Those weanlings certainly are full-throated bunch, and the series of pictures of them going from Fear to Feed Me to Following You Everywhere are a stitch. Duke, you earned it, buddy :}
    Very best,

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