Math According to Watcher

So, Watcher, if you had two bones, and Echo wanted one, how many bones would you have?


“That’s easy, I’d still have two!”

OK, but what if Echo came and took one?


“Watcher seems to really enjoy chewing these, I think I’ll try one…”

*Watcher makes an outraged yelp of protest and a dramatic lunge to grab the other bone before Echo can pick it up*


“Then I’d have two bones and a dead body!”

Really, Watcher? Sitting on one while you chew the other? Really?


“I don’t think I like the way Watcher does math!”

I don’t blame you, Echo. Watcher must have missed the ‘sharing’ lessons in puppy school.


6 thoughts on “Math According to Watcher

  1. Just like my Wolfhound, she IS the Bone Queen!! But Zetta does a trick, she barks and Teagan goes out to check and she lunges in and gets one. Tricksey.

    • Our first collie used to do that trick when our terrier would hog the bones. Fortunately he never realized he was big enough he could have picked the terrier up and tossed him away from the toys. πŸ™‚
      Echo’s got this one Nylabone that Watcher doesn’t like, so he gets to chew that one in peace. He doesn’t seem to know what rawhide is, so he’s generally happy to chew his Nylabone and let Watcher have the rawhide. πŸ™‚

    • Echo has that look about him a lot. πŸ™‚ “Watcher did such-and-such! Is he allowed to do that?”
      He’s actually stronger than Watcher, when they’re tussling he can knock Watcher down pretty easily, but he’s so naive about being a housedog that Watcher takes advantage of him by explaining the rules wrong. πŸ˜‰

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