So, I finally got my computer working again, after replacing the hard drive, reinstalling the operating system, and downloading about 250 drivers manually because the automatic update tool froze up under the strain. The next morning I took my real camera out… and the battery died after only about six pictures. There has to be some sort of conspiracy at work around here.

The camera battery is charged now, and I have threatened my laptop with sledgehammer destruction if it dares break on me again, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through a week without anything catastrophically breaking on me. I would really like a week where nothing majorly bad happens.

I usually take 35-70 pictures at a time, of which maybe 6 or 7 make the blog, so with only a half dozen pictures to start with, there’s not much to build a post around. I did get a good shot of the boys being lazy not-morning-sheep.


“Is there food? If there’s food I’ll come, but otherwise I’m not getting up yet.”

Grumpy Barney was getting claustrophobic in there I guess, I’m not sure why he decided to sleep outside. I don’t think he’s being bullied, Duke’s long since given up trying to run everyone else out of “his” house, and nobody else ever picks on Barney.

I also loved this picture of Duchess with Princess’s boys. I would never have pegged her as the adopting type, but in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised. She may never have raised a lamb of her own, but she enjoys playing auntie to the other lambs every year, and Princess’s boys are old enough they don’t need much looking after.


“Let’s go get breakfast!”

Chestnut’s horns confuse me. They’re firmly rooted to his head and don’t look misshapen or unsymmetrical like scurs usually are, but they’re tiny compared to the other boys’ horns. Samson’s adopted family send me pictures of him sometimes, and I think his are the same way.

Cedar must have monopolized the horn development for the pair of them, because his horns are even larger than Nova’s boys’.


“Don’t worry about Chestnut, I’ve got horns enough for both of us!”

He is such a handsome Prince Charming. He’s got that expression on his face like Princess and Nova always had when they were cocky young things. The boys are going to get booted out in a week or two, so that overconfident “cool kid” swagger might be a bit dampened for a while. He’ll bounce back though, sheep are tough.

I’m not sure I’m as tough as my sheep, I’m just hoping I get a few calm days to catch my breath between now and weaning time.


6 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Electronics – can drive you nutz-o! Sounds like you are up and running – sure hope so! Weaning time = would and crazy antics. Hope it goes smoothly. How bad had the heat been?

  2. Such a sweet picture of Duchess and the boys. Don’t you wonder what the 3 of them are thinking? Yes, Cedar is one handsome Dude!!

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