Learning to Adjust

My laptop has not yet recovered from its latest phoenix impression, so I’m still limited to not-quite-focused phone pictures with no zoom. And the weird formatting glitches that the wordpress mobile app keeps adding to my posts that I can’t figure out how to fix. It’s better than nothing I suppose.

The lambs are getting pretty big, Nova’s twins will need to be weaned soon. Holly’s not a problem, she can just stay with her mother until Lady weans her.

Princess’s boys are obviously already weaned, but I’m waiting longer this year before having the boys wethered, so they’re going to have to move out with Nova’s pair before they start hitting puberty.


“I think I can take on the ram pen!”

Cedar (who keeps insisting his real name is Prince Charming) is still the largest of the four ram lambs, and the older he gets the more handsome he is. Other than being male, he’s the spitting image of Princess. I think I’m going to keep him intact. I always had a vague plan that someday I’d keep one of Princess’s sons intact, since she had the best genes out of my three original ewes. It’s a few years earlier than I planned, but I won’t get another chance, and Cedar really is stunning.

He and Chestnut are doing pretty well, all things considered. I thought they’d stick with Nova, but they’ve firmly settled on Duchess as replacement mom. She’s far more tolerant of it than I would have expected, given her usual reaction to ram lambs, and the fact that she’s never raised a lamb before.


“Just don’t go all fanboy on me and we’ll be fine.”


“Fanboy? Us? We would never!”

This is untrue. If Cedar is Prince Charming, Chestnut is Don Juan, or maybe Romeo. One of those serial romantic types anyway. Sigh. Boy lambs. Why can’t all lambs be ewes?


“Everybody else is heading out, but I came back to see if there are any crunchies. Are there any crunchies, ShepherdPerson?”

Nova and Lady seem to be sharing top spot for now, which is a bit odd but as long as they’re happy I’m ok with it. They trade off leading the flock during the day, but when I go out to put them up it’s always Nova in Princess’s place at my right side all the way to the barn.

It’s almost eerie, except that Princess always walked next to me with a confident, regal stride. Nova jumps up and down the whole way trying to snatch the bag of crunchies out of my hand, which is just plain rude. She clipped my elbow on accident and nearly broke it the other day. Still, she’s new at the job, I suppose I can’t be too hard on her.

Everyone is still unsure and awkward about their new roles, but we’re making progress on working out a new normal.


8 thoughts on “Learning to Adjust

  1. Give us a close up of Cedar Prince Charming!! I’m sure they’ll all work the “Leader” situation out. How is Mira?

    • I will when I can use my real camera again, with that new-fangled “zoom” thing. 😉 With my phone I either get far-off shots or just his nose, lol.

      Mira’s fine, just a little more clingy than usual, which I didn’t think was possible. She mostly does whatever she wants anyway, so she doesn’t really care who’s boss. 🙂 She always walks on my left side. And Apple walks behind me, biting my pant legs. Makes it a bit hard to walk, surrounded like that.

  2. Very interesting re the dynamics within the herd. You will all adjust, it’s the Time it takes that drives us all crazy/crazier! Thinking of you.

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