My Adoring Fans

Just to round out a full month, my laptop got dropped and is still broken, so I can’t upload any pictures from my real camera, so I’m restricted to my phone camera for now.

Things are still all messed up in the ewe pen. The hierarchy is in an uproar and it’s hard to walk with Apple latched onto my jeans like a terrier, Mira complaining about Apple and shoulder-bumping me off balance, and Nova jumping up after my pockets.

The boys are all business as usual, though. Graze, sleep, and swarm like piranhas every time ShepherdPerson shows her face.


“Food! Food! Food!”

You’d think the sillies were starving to death or something, the way they climb over each other trying to be the closest to the fence.


“Get off! Move! I want the food!”

Will Scarlet using Duke as a stepladder is my favorite thing. He’s finally decided he likes me food enough to eat from my hand. About time, drama lamb.

It’s nice to be so popular.


3 thoughts on “My Adoring Fans

  1. Oh, YOU ARE the ONE!! Geez, those ‘gurls’ are going to have to sort themselves out sooner or later! Sooner would be nice. Love the faces looking thru the fence at you! Hope you are well…

  2. Such adoring fans! I am sure things will sort out with the ewes – they have their way.
    Do keep us posted, as you are in our thoughts šŸ™‚

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