An Apple A Day


“Hi! My name is Apple, but ShepherdPerson usually calls me by my full name, Apple Stop That. She says I have an oral fixation. I thought that sounded really cool and impressive, but Mira says it just means I stick everything in my mouth and bite people a lot. It’s not my fault people are fun to chew on! Mira’s just grumpy because I bite… er, follow ShepherdPerson around a lot and she’s jealous.

“Everything is really sad and confusing around here right now because Grandma Princess is gone. She was the one who told everyone what to do, and now nobody’s sure who’s supposed to be in charge. 

“My mama is really upset and keeps crying all the time, which makes me and Ash kind of nervous. Cedar and Chestnut cried a lot when Grandma Princess was sick and they had to go outside without her, but once she was gone they mostly stopped crying. Sometimes they forget and run back to the barn looking for her and calling, but mostly they hang out with my mama or with Auntie Duchess now.


“They say they want Duchess to be their new mama, but she can’t feed them or anything so I think they just have a crush. I don’t blame them, all the guys around here think Auntie Duchess is the most beautiful ewe in the world! Sometimes I follow Duchess around, too, but when SheperdPerson is here I’d rather chew on… er, follow her.


“See? Me and Mira, staying close to ShepherdPerson. ShepherdPerson stuck her finger in my face while I was chewing… er, inspecting her boot and said if I didn’t stop she was going to bite me back. I was pretty sure she didn’t mean it, so I bit her finger. She laughed and said she knew where I got that stubborn attitude.

“Then Mira knocked me down and told me if I didn’t get lost and quit hogging her mama’s attention she was going to beat me up, and I’m pretty sure she did mean it. I was getting bored and hungry anyway, so I ran off to catch up with Mama and Ash, and let Mira have all of ShepherdPerson’s attention to herself.


“I think between the two of us we made ShepherdPerson a little less sad.”


11 thoughts on “An Apple A Day

  1. Mira looks at you with such adoring eyes!! I would imagine the sheep must feel confused/insecure by the absence of Princess.and are looking for another leader. Breathe deep and carry on, Sarah.

    • I love Mira. 🙂

      The sheep stand around the barn in the morning and don’t know which way to go without Princess to lead the way, then they slowly drift off in separate directions instead of flocking together like they used to.

  2. I hope so too, Apple. Now be a good girl and stick to chewing just grass, hay, and crunchies. In fact, it you’re a really good girl, you might get more crunchies.

    It will be interesting to see who tries to ascend Her Late Highness’s throne.

    • Apple is a ram lamb. 🙂 A strange, strange ram lamb. He will eat crunchies, but he honestly prefers my pants. And shirt buttons. And fingers. I have no idea what’s going on in his head.

      I’d say either Nova or Lady will be boss, but so far neither one really wants to be boss, but they don’t want the other to be boss either, so it’s all confused right now.

  3. Dear Sara,

    Thankfully, Mira and Apple are there helping you find humor within the the emptiness left when Princess moved on. Princess’ babies crying…oh, darlings.


  4. WHO says animals don’t have feelings??? Hearing babies cry is awful. BUT you do have others to cheer you up/drive you mental/make you laugh. Thinking of you….:(

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