Sad Vigil

Monday night Princess was strong enough to shove me out of her way when I tried to make her sleep in the “wrong” stall.

Tuesday morning she walked out of the barn at the head of the flock, just like always.

Tuesday evening she started staggering around in circles and falling over, and had to be helped back to the barn.

Wednesday she couldn’t stand up at all. The vet wasn’t sure if it was severe thiamine deficiency, listeriosis, or meningeal worm, so we treated her for all three. None of it helped, she kept getting weaker.

Today she’s mostly unresponsive and her breathing is starting to sound labored.

I’ve been sitting in the barn as much as possible for the last two days to keep her company. I don’t think she has much time.


14 thoughts on “Sad Vigil

  1. Yes, she definitely knows you’re there. Please don’t leave her alone. Rub her little head and speak softly.

  2. Oh Sarah, how sudden and awful! If she doesn’t pull out of this will you have a necropsy done to answer any questions? I’m sure you must be worried about the others, as well as heartbroken over Princess’ condition.

  3. Dear Sarah, I am so very sorry, very, very sorry. She was a really neat, strong girl and we lo ed her spirit and reading about Her Royal Activities. My heart is with you.
    Hugs, Natalie

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