Waiting for Company

Two new sheep moved in today! They don’t belong to me, but a Shetland ewe named Lana and her lamb Nina needed a new farm to live on, so they’re going be boarding with us. They grew up on the same farm that Liam and Jeb came from, so I know they must be nice sheep.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I made what seems like at least attempt #376 to take a book out and read with the sheep. I’m pretty sure at this point that it is a futile hope that I’ll ever manage to read a book in peace outside, but I keep trying. I did concede to sitting on a bucket instead of a camp chair since the sheep keep eating my chairs out from under me.

I didn’t get to do much reading, but I did get to do a lot of lamb-watching, and that’s even better. Weaning time will be coming up in a few weeks, and I have a feeling the farm’s going to be pretty loud for a while when I have to wean four ram lambs at once!


“I think I might be ready to take another crack at the ram pen!”

Cedar has totally forgotten the trauma of his last unsanctioned visit to the ram pen. Nobody tell the others, but I think he’s the best-looking boy out of this year’s lamb crop.



And Holly is, without a question, the most beautiful of this year’s ewe lambs. Of course.

The weather was very hot, and Mira had some vague recollection that she used to curl up and sit under my knees last summer to get some shade. Unfortunately she’s grown a bit since then and doesn’t quite fit anymore.

She wouldn’t give up trying to shove her way under there, so I lifted my knees up, let her walk under, and rested my legs across her back. She was content with that for a minute or two, then she suddenly walked off without warning. Given that my legs were draped over her back at the time, I got dragged off of my bucket-seat and deposited very un-gently on the ground. I had a good laugh, but didn’t get any pictures of that stunt.

Having decided against playing footstool anymore, she redirected her attention to my book, which in her mind was distracting me from paying enough attention to her.


“Ooh, you brought another book for me to eat! Tasty!”

This book managed to escape without any torn pages, only a few slobber marks on the edges. Although she did pull out and eat my bookmark.



Once I put the book safely in the barn, she settled down with me to wait for the new sheep. She doesn’t quite fit in my lap anymore unless I sit on the ground, but she drapes one or both front legs and her chin across my lap, closes her eyes, chews her cud, and calls that good enough. It’s very cosy, although I get pawed and/or head-bumped if I stop petting her, so my fingers do get tired after a while.

Fortunately it wasn’t too long a wait, and then everyone had to jump up and investigate the newcomers.


“What is this new place?”

Nina looks huge next to my little babies. Lana seems more interested in the boys next door than in Nina’s potential playmates, but she seems to get along with my girls very well so far. They settled in with surprisingly little fuss. My girls came running up and everyone got a good sniff of each other, then they all went back to their usual business.

I’m glad there wasn’t any fighting, it was too hot for any dramatic conflict like some previous introductions we’ve had around here. I’m not sure if these two being girls made the difference, or if it’s because Lana and Nina are brown like everyone else, not distinctive white and black like Jeb and Liam.

At any rate, everyone seems to be getting along nicely, which is a relief, and there were no casualties except my poor half-eaten bookmark. I’d say that makes the day a success!



13 thoughts on “Waiting for Company

  1. Long ago and far away , my friend’s sister raised a little lamb who sounds a lot like Mira. Even when Sheepie was all grown up she still ran and jumped into the girl’s lap, just like when she was little!! I think Cedar is so handsome also but don’t tell the others!! Happy to hear that the new girls are fitting in quite nicely.

  2. It’s too hot outside for Drama. Good luck weaning the ram lambs- hot or hotter (well, it is summer) there will be Drama anyway.

  3. I am amazed the two Newbies were accepted so easily……..maybe it is too hot to fuss! They look like they haven’t been shorn yet….. That Mira, what a ‘pup’!!

  4. Then there was the car drama too. Just a few baaaaas, and none of them frantic, but an awful lot of persistent butting at the crate gate. When the gate gave, then we had excitement en route…the boys pushing the crate against the back hatch before the sheep could escape into the car cabin. Then a sudden pullover to a gas station, and me scrambling around inside to get to the back to secure the crate and pile up stuff against it. Didn’t dare open a door in case somebody got out…lots of stares from customers, I imagine. What ARE they doing in there, and, say, what’s that smell? Who brought the barn along?

    Ja, everybody just too pooped for a scene.

    Boys went to bed early, too…they talked and talked about it all. It was a Big Adventure today!

    Many thanks indeed, and very best,


    • They were pretty leery about going into the barn tonight, but they eventually did. I suppose they were too tired from all the excitement to make too much of a fuss. 🙂

      • What a relief that they did go. They may start to enniy it…or I hope they do, anyhow! Am sure you are relieved.

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