Business As Usual

Not much going on, except that the Barn Bunny seems to have started a family. The Barn Bunny moved in when the barn was only a roof with no walls, and determinedly reopens his/her tunnels under the barn door no matter how many times I fill them in, despite the sheep repeatedly chasing the little guy/gal out.

I assume the Barn Bunny has always been the same rabbit, but I admit I’m not that good at telling rabbits apart, so it might not be. It amuses me to think he/she might also be the baby bunny Watcher “rescued” from its nest and tried to bring in the house back when he was young. I doubt it is, but it would be funny if it was.

Starting sometime in the last week or so, the Barn Bunny has been joined by at least three little half-grown rabbits hanging out around the barn. It’s getting hard to walk without tripping over lambs or baby bunnies.


They’re all pretty relaxed about people passing near them or taking pictures. Less skittish than some of the more skittish sheep, in fact.


At this rate I almost might as well adopt them. Then I can raise primitive brown rabbits that don’t grow much fiber to go along with my primitive brown sheep that don’t grow much wool.


“Where are all these babies coming from?”

Grumpy Barney doesn’t approve of babies in general. Too much energy, too much annoyance. Too much competition for crunchies.


“You don’t have time to raise bunnies, you’re too busy with me!”

We had a bit of a storm last night, and Mira was enthusiastically cleaning up the fallen branches while I took pictures of baby rabbits. All the sheep prefer leaves to grass, but Mira was the only one to follow me down to the fence this morning where most of the shed leaves landed, so she got first pick. Early sheep gets the leaves.

The big boys came down to the fence when I started back towards the house, much to Echo’s distress. Poor Echo, he’s still pretty scared of sheep, and isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do with them. He mostly seems to think that dealing with the sheep is Watcher’s job, and sitting in people’s laps and licking their faces is his job. He’s pretty happy with that division of labor.


“Ummm… there’s a sheep at the fence and I’m not sure what to do. Watcher usually runs around and barks, but I can’t bark, I don’t know all the rules, and it’s a really big scary sheep! This is stressful, this isn’t my job! Make Watcher come do his job!”

Echo wanted Watcher to come do his job, and Liam wanted me to come give him crunchies. They were both disappointed, Watcher was busy walking beside me “helping” me carry the empty water bucket back to the house.


“This bucket’s pretty heavy for you, isn’t it? I could take care of it all by myself, if you’d just let go! I’m an expert on buckets!”

You can see from the teeth marks around the rim how well Watcher’s taken care of this particular bucket in the past. I’m pretty sure he’s also responsible for how the bottom leaks. I’m glad all the animals aren’t as helpful as Watcher, or I’d never get anything done.

At least he and Echo very diligently keep Barn Bunny & Family out of the yard.


6 thoughts on “Business As Usual

  1. The bunnies are cute. I hope they will stay, and that Echo and Watcher won’t hurt them – intentionally or otherwise.

    • Echo and Watcher both chase rabbits with great enthusiasm, but the only rabbits that have ever been caught were the cement statue-bunnies from the front garden, and the tiny baby ones that Watcher once tried to adopt. 🙂

  2. Watcher, baby bunny foster mama. Now there’s an interesting thought, unless you’re looking up from the bunny’s perspective.

    • The bunnies were Not Impressed to find themselves adopted. Watcher was Not Impressed that I put them back and made him leave them alone. 🙂

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