The sheep got half a watermelon today. They love watermelon so much, I have to leave theirs sit out of the fridge for a while before I give it to them or they give themselves brain freeze.


“Hey, where’s OUR watermelon???”

Last time I gave a melon to the sheep, they kept fighting over it until they kicked it too close to the dogs. Echo pulled it under the fence and ate a huge amount of it all by himself. I know this because Watcher started howling that Echo had a prize and wasn’t sharing. Echo’s usually a pretty easy-going guy, but he apparently doesn’t share his watermelon. I amused myself all that evening calling him Melon Collie.

Once this watermelon had been thoroughly investigated and squabbled over, everyone retreated to the shade of the big tree, which is a favorite napping spot for the adults and a wonderful playground/jungle gym for the lambs.


“Ha-ha! I got the highest spot on the tree!”

“How’d I get stuck babysitting all the babies?”

Princess kept an eye on the lambs with her usual level of enthusiasm. All the ewes take turns babysitting, but only Nova seems to enjoy the job. Mira sometimes pretends to babysit, but she usually ends up getting everyone in trouble. She and Will Scarlet both think they’re still lambs. Just bigger, cooler lambs that always win all the Splendid Games.


“Move over underlings! have the highest spot on the tree!”

“Ugh. Lambs. I’m bored. When is my shift over?”

Having been run off of tree-climbing, Apple, Ash, and Holly decided I was the next-most interesting thing around for them to investigate.


“My mama gets really excited whenever you’re here, I just can’t figure out why!”

Holly won’t quite eat from my hand yet, but I don’t think it will be long before she does.


“Don’t mind us, we’re just here to chew on your jeans!”

Somebody told Ash and Apple that my clothes taste good. I thought it was Mira, but she threw a jealous tantrum, jumped into my lap, and knocked the poor little guys halfway to next week, so maybe not.


“Get away from my mommy! I’M the only one who gets to chew on Mommy!”

This is one of those action shots that are compositionally terrible, but still funny enough that I can’t resist using it. At least it’s funny in hindsight. Being trampled by an angry lapful of Duchess Miracle is pretty painful at the time. Usually at this point I decide to stand up rather than risk getting flattened in a territorial dispute.

Ash cut his losses and ran back over to the tree, but Apple was a persistent little jeans-chewer.


“Maybe if I pull on ShepherdPerson’s jeans from behind, Mira won’t see me!”



No such luck. Mira doesn’t like to share. She kept shimmying around keeping herself between me and Apple, butting him whenever he got too close. He kept at it for quite a while, but eventually gave up and ran back over to take a nap with the other lambs. I’m sure he’ll be back. Lambs don’t stay discouraged for long.


8 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. They are cute! My favorite is the little one with a white face ~ just a different look. Keep up the entertainment, Mom! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are so funny! I love that Mira is still so jealous and close to you. They are really pretty sleepies and I love your running commentary!!!

    • Very jealous. Mira considers me her own personal person. No paying attention to anyone else!

      Watermelon is one of their favorite treats. 🙂

  3. Photo composition be darned! The entertainment value of these action shot is precious. Mira is a vixen!

    How’d you get that “back of jeans” shot?

    • Mira is a jealous little girl!

      The back of jeans shot was a modified selfie, I held the camera as far away from myself as I could and aimed it back at Apple. 🙂 That’s about the only way to get pictures of the overly-friendly ones.

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