Fiddler On The Roof

The lovely play about an increasingly frazzled parent dealing with increasingly rebellious children. And a throwaway metaphor about a musician on the roof.

Lucky me, I am an increasingly frazzled shepherd dealing with increasingly rebellious four-footed children. Some of whom are occasionally on the roof. Not, unfortunately, a metaphor.


“I am the king of the biggest hill in the world!”

Forgive the grainy cell phone camera, I didn’t have my real camera with me.


“Except now I’m not sure how to get down…”

Should have thought of that before you climbed up there, silly boy.


“Flying leap it is! Wheee!”

I’m going to need to do something to keep them off of there, I have mental images of their legs punching through the tarp and getting them stuck. That’s the kind of thing that tends to happen to lambs who tap-dance on the roof.


6 thoughts on “Fiddler On The Roof

  1. Oh Goddess…….what a guy………..yes barricades, that would be a horror story with feet through the tarp. Wildness X’s 5 + Mira 🙂

  2. If they’re like this now, imagine what handfuls they’ll be when they are adolescents…..

    I think Tevye took schnapps when the kids were too much.

  3. Oh good grief. I’m assuming you are now dyeing your hair to cover all the gray they are giving you haha ;-D.

    • Good grief is right. Yesterday I caught one of the little troublemakers on the roof… curled up taking a NAP. There’s no explanation for that except that they’re messing with me on purpose!

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