I Have Made A Terrible Mistake

When I hear a lamb crying I don’t get too excited, it usually means somebody’s hungry and trying to track down the right ewe for a snack. When I hear the same lamb crying for about five minutes straight, I head outside to see what’s up.

Today, it seems Cedar was so convinced of his independent tough-guy status he wiggled through the fence into the field with the big boys. He was quickly disabused of his delusions of independent adulthood. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember the way back out. Hence the endless crying.


“Waaah! I am not as big and tough as I thought I was! I want my mama! Waaah!”

Note that Nova is the only one pacing the fence calling back to him. Princess was off in the other field paying no attention at all. Nova won’t let anyone else’s lambs nurse, but she does keep close tabs on all the babies.

I tried to catch him so I could carry him back through the gate, but he was having none of that.


“Noooo! Mama! I’m surrounded by enormous bullies and Now ShepherdPerson is chasing me! Help!”

Finally the sight of me and my potential pockets full of crunchies heartbroken cries of her offspring brought Princess to the gate.


“Mama! Help!”

“What are you screaming about? You’re in there with ShepherdPerson and all the crunchies! I was in the middle of lunch!”

Having Princess by the gate reminded Cedar how he got out, and thus he was able to get back in, much to his relief.


“Hooray, you’re out, can I go back to my lunch now?”


“I’m back with my mama and my brother, I’m never ever wandering off again ever!”

Yeah, right. Princess went back to grazing, and Cedar and Chestnut were charging off on a Grand Adventure again before I’d even made it to the house. Not towards the ram pen, granted, but still. At least he took his brother with him this time.



8 thoughts on “I Have Made A Terrible Mistake

  1. I can’t imagine how you keep track of all these babies and their shenanigans!! Maybe a little chicken wire along the bottom of the fences until they are truly big boys?

    • The gate is the only place they can still crawl through. It used to have wire mesh tacked on to stop lambs escaping, but it fell off and hasn’t been replaced yet. 🙂

    • Duke would stop and stare at him every time he ran by crying, but otherwise left him alone as far as I could tell.

      It was Barney kept pushing the poor little guy around. Not really butting him, more like giving him firm nudges from behind whenever he could reach him, lol. It kinda surprised me, Barney’s not usually aggressive unless provoked. Maybe he counted the assault on his eardrums to be sufficient provocation, lol.

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