After what seemed like ages of cold rainy days, we finally got some sunshine today! Which means most of the flock hung out under the trees most of the day. Except Mira, of course. She needed lots of attention and petting to make up for all those rainy days when I neglected her so badly.


“You’ve got some making up to do, Mommy! I think I need lots of treats and my own private stall in the barn and maybe an outing in the yard.”

Since Mira is the really cool teenager, Apple and Holly had to come see what she was up to. All the lambs are starting to wonder why the big sheep are always climbing on me and sticking their noses in my pockets. None of them have gotten any crunchies yet, so they’re not sure what the big deal is.


“I’m very curious about these ‘crunchies’ I keep hearing about. My mama likes them a lot, so I think they’re something I should know about.”


“I may be curious, but I’m still suspicious of you, ShepherdPerson! Why does everybody chew on your pockets?”

Such a serious face for a lamb! I think all four ram lambs are pretty well convinced they’re big boys now. Even if Mira can still knock them over if when she wants.


“Don’t worry about the pockets, Apple. Everything in the pockets is for me! You should be interested in these yummy rubber boots!”

I tried to tell her there’s a label that says rubber boots are known to cause cancer in the state of California, but she’s never been to California in her life so she wasn’t too worried.


“And if you manage to snag her hair tie, her hair falls in her face, and that’s fun to chew on, too!”

I tried to tell her I didn’t want a haircut, but since she didn’t particularly want her hair cut either when I rooed her, fair’s fair as far as she’s concerned.


“I like it when Mommy sits outside. I get lots of petting and crunchies and lap time because I’m too cute and cuddly for Mommy to say no to me!”

She’s the most spoiled, bratty little lamb ever, with her sweet face and tendency to still climb into my lap when she’s feeling snuggly. She tends to get away with anything when she makes that smiley face, and she knows it. Fortunately, that’s one trick she hasn’t yet taught the new lambs. I suppose she has to keep something back, to give herself an edge over the competition.



8 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Mira is a HAM! Which is really amusing, considering that is a different species. She really knows what a camera is, and blatantly poses for it.

  2. Great photos! Yes, little Mira knows her way around a camera well ~ and if she shares her wisdom… oh my!
    (she’s still a cutie)

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