This Is Getting To Be A Habit.

I went to the grocery store, and I couldn’t have been gone more than half an hour when I got a call that all the sheep were in the yard. Again. Apparently the lambs were chasing poor Echo all over the yard. Echo is a sheepdog who is afraid of sheep. I did not know such a thing existed, but there he is. He’s still curled up in the back of his crate. I think he’s traumatized.

Of course it’s easy to forgive Mira when she does something naughty, she always looks so very ashamed of herself.


“Hi Mommy! Aren’t you glad to see me?”

Thrilled. How did you open that latch?


“All of my sheep friends had so much fun last time, they decided to come visit again! Can I come in the basement?”

She did in fact get into the basement when I was looking for the crunchies, but was pretty agreeable to leaving again. She forgot there’s no grass in the basement. I’m just glad she didn’t find the bag of sheep feed.

It took me an hour and a half, and half a box of crunchies to get everyone back into the field. Mira, Neo, and Lady got more than their fair share of bribes by coming in, bursting back out, and coming back in multiple times. They know how to work the system.

Princess refused to come at all, and I was finally forced to resort to taking hostages. Cedar and Chestnut were not impressed.


“Oh no! Where’s our mama?!”

Aren’t those the cutest hostages ever? Being the stellar, attentive mother that she is, it took Princess several minutes to notice her babies were gone, and several more before she got irritated enough at their crying to come. No Mother of the Year Awards for Princess. Nova made up for it by screaming until she had her mother and all the lambs back, not just her two.

I did finally get everyone back in, latched the gate, and further secured it with a piece of chain. That might keep them in for a little while at least. They were all very upset and ran up and down the fence loudly protesting the unfairness of it all while Mira went to work on the gate latch.


“Hmm, how is this chain fastened?”

Sometimes I think it would be easier if sheep were actually as dumb as their reputation suggests, instead of being so downright clever. And really, really good at making sad faces.


“Mommy doesn’t love me at all and I’m so sad and mistreated! All I want to do is live in the yard and come in the house and terrorize that new dog, is that so much to ask? Woe is me!”

It’s always the spoiled ones who complain the most. Now I just have to persuade Echo it’s safe to come out of the house.

9 thoughts on “This Is Getting To Be A Habit.

  1. That second photo reminds me of the Farmers’ Insurance commercial on tv, where a bunch of bucks invaded a homeowner’s back yard and had a pool party.

    Oh yeah, Mira looks *really* *really* sad and guilty. Uh-huh. Right.

    And the folks who think sheep are dumb probably think the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

    • I could see them crashing a pool party, if we had a pool. 🙂
      Mira has the sad eyes nailed, but I’ve never seen her even try for a guilty face. I’m pretty sure she’s never felt guilty for anything. 🙂

  2. Oh, I could not stop laughing,,,,,,,,,,spluttering tea and all. Maybe it is good for everyone that Echo didn’t terrorize them! Cedar and Chestnut are SO darn cute. That Mira is a clever creature…….

    • Yes, it would have been bad if either of my dogs were at all aggressive towards the sheep! Fortunately, Echo is scared of them and Watcher contents himself with futile attempts to boss them around by barking. 🙂

  3. Are Soays related to Icelandics? Mira reminds me of an Icelandic leadersheep in her character. Princess may lose that crown of hers one of these days.

    Poor Echo. I imagine him, a Collie, (!) high-tailing it for the house with a romping posse of lambs bounding behind him, and it’d be roll-on-the-ground funny if I didn’t feel so for him!

    Liam and Jeb are practically on the basement patio, are they? The Soays are teaching them to be just a bit wild, or perhaps the grass is just extra good right there.

    Very best,

    • I’ve always called Princess my leadersheep. 🙂 Mira is similar to her in some ways.
      I’m pretty sure the lambs were just curious about Echo, but he’s nervous about sheep, so having a pack of them crowding him freaked him out, even if they were the minis. Poor guy.
      I’d just come out the basement door with a bag of crunchies, hence Liam and Jeb wanting to be first in line. 🙂

  4. That last pic, oh dear that face! I think I would find it irresistible, but maybe not so much if I’d just spent ages getting them all put back. 🙂

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