The little babies are getting bigger. Princess, Nova, and the boys are at their most peaceful when all of them hang out together. Much less confusion this way.


“One of these guys is my brother, but which one?”

Poor Cedar. It’s getting easier as they grow, but it’s still hard to keep everyone straight. I’m pretty sure the three in front are Chestnut, Ash, and Apple from left to right. About 80-90% sure. The one on the far right is definitely Apple anyway, he has the biggest splotch on his head and a spot on his face.

Holly meanwhile is helping her mother drill a hole in the round bale. There were strenuous attempts to play king of the hill on it, but even my little flying sheep couldn’t get on top.


“Nom, nom, nom!”


“I’m a big girl now!”

And while we’re speaking of growing up, my little crossbred boys have finally gotten their first haircuts. They were shocked. And scandalized. And indignant. I was quite excited, I’ve been waiting almost two years now to see what I’d get from a Shetland x Soay cross, both in wool and conformation. I can now report a definite answer: Results May Vary.

Johnny, as I suspected, looks pretty much like a slightly taller, slightly stockier, darker version of Will. His fleece is a little strange. Instead of a normal double coat, with a long hair coat and a shorter wool coat, he has a long wool coat and a short hair coat. The hair coat is short enough that I’m pretty sure it’ll all come out when I comb it. The wool coat feels like it’s probably what I’d call a medium wool, maybe a tad on the coarser side of medium. I’ll be able to tell better once it’s washed and I start processing it.


“What have you done to me?!”

Prince Bran is Liam’s son all the way. He has a long, soft fleece with little to no hair coat, and although he’s not as stocky as I thought he’d be, he’s definitely has more Shetland conformation. His fleece was much larger than Johnny’s, and I think it’s going to be wonderful to spin.

Bran was a squirmy guy to shear. He kept insisting that since Princess is his mother I’m not allowed to make him do stuff he doesn’t want to, and he was going to tell her exactly how mean I’d been to him, and then I’d be in trouble.


“Mama! ShepherdPerson was really mean to me!”

“Who are you? Are you sure you’re mine? You don’t look like one of my babies!”


“It’s me! All my fluff is gone!”

“If you say so… I’m keeping an eye on you, though!”

Princess was highly skeptical, but she must have eventually decided he was really himself,, because she let him hide behind her and Nova the rest of the day. Poor traumatized boy, he probably needs therapy now.

Now the only one left to shear is Jeb. He was the one I wanted to shear this weekend, but his Sheepy-Sense detected my nefarious intentions and he has refused to go anywhere near the barn for days. Anyone would think he wanted to die of heatstroke. He’s in with Barney and Duke for the moment, I’ll have to think of something tricky to catch him.


8 thoughts on “Results

  1. What a wonderful bunch of fleeces for you to process and spin!!
    Poor Jen…. how in the world does he know what awaits him??!!

    • I’m very excited to have new fleeces to play with!
      Jeb, like all sheep, has a magic Sheepy-Sense that tingles when his shepherd plans to catch him and torture– er, give him a haircut and pedicure. 🙂

  2. Nuts, it’s too bad he’s not a ewe like Square Peg Farm’s Etta and finds being pregnant and hot just too much…so that he lies down and refuses to be moved! You could then shear him on the spot :}
    Very best,

    • He may not be pregnant, but he’s solid black, he’s got to be hot under all that wool. He’s going to overheat sooner or later if he doesn’t let me catch him.

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