House Party

That awkward moment when your kid comes home from  college unexpectedly…SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“Umm, I think the lamb door is too small for me now. You need to put in a new lamb door!”

… and brings a dozen of her shady friends.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“Umm… hi? Mind if we come in?”

Yes, yes I do mind in fact. Why are you guys on my porch instead of out in the field? Turns out somebody pushed on the gate too hard and broke the latch. I always remind myself to fasten both latches, but somehow I always get lazy and only latch the top. Maybe now I’ll remember to fasten both.

The back door being deemed hopeless, Princess took everyone around to the basement door, just in case.


“I know there’s a door down here, you made me come in this way when Bran was born!”

Once everyone but Mira gave up on getting into the house, they decided to prove themselves useful by pruning the trees and trimming the landscaping.


“Everybody knows trees should be trimmed to the height of a sheep standing on his or her hind legs!”


“The fashion for this year is for bushes to be trimmed into the ‘chewed’ shape! Trust me, I’m an expert!”

It took me an hour to convince the little escapees to go back into the field, even with crunchies. Jeb was particularly persistent in sticking close to the house, which was surprising because he’s one of my more flighty sheep. I had to go back for him once I’d gotten everybody else corralled.


“Are you sure I can’t live on your porch?”

Sorry, Jeb. The dogs already have a claim on the porch and yard. Even though they’re not so good with landscaping.


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