Trading Spaces

I walked out to the former ram pen turned nursery field this afternoon, and did my usual casual headcount. Five lambs, check, five ewes, check, Duke and Bran, che– wait a minute!


“Pay no attention to that ram behind the hoop house!”

As tends to happen every time there’s a mix up like this, while trying to get Duke and Bran out I somehow ended up with Duke and Barney in and all the ewes and babies out with the wethers.

As tends to happen every time they pull something like this, I shrugged and called it good enough. I can boot Duke and Barney back out tomorrow before I let the girls out if I decide to.

Duke was a bit peeved all the girls left without him. He paced up and down the fence for ages making his croaky laryngitis-baa noise he makes. Barney didn’t seem to care either way.


“This is NOT what I had in mind when I busted in here!”

I’m still not sure how they got in, all the gates were still closed and fastened, and neither Duke nor Bran are ones I would have pegged as five foot fence jumpers. Duke maybe, if a ewe was in heat, but not Bran. And nobody was in heat, so I’m confused. As tends to happen, etc.

The boys were curious about the lambs, but not aggressive, so I think they’ll be fine together for now. They all moved off in a clump of brown wool, except poor Liam and Jeb, who are the odd sheep out. I’m not sure if it’s because of their color, their breed, or because they’re not related to any of my ewes.


“All together again!”

I was sad I didn’t have my good camera to take pictures of the lambs exploring the new pasture, but I didn’t know anything exciting was going to happen when I left the house. They always wait for me to drop my guard before they pull a shenanigan like this.

The grass out in the field is pretty tall for little lambs, it helps to use your mother as a stepladder so you can see. It was funny watching their little heads popping up over the grass and disappearing again. I can’t imagine how big that pasture must seem to them.


“What do you see, Holly?”
“Just grass for miles and miles!”
“Me too! This place is huge!”

I don’t know if I’m going to let them stay out there or not, but it was a fun outing for them today.


6 thoughts on “Trading Spaces

  1. It’s not just the lambs on their toes. The rams and ewes thought keeping Shepherd Person on her toes would be fun too.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    The babies remind me a little of prairie dogs. Pop up, pop down. Pop up! Wonder if the ewes have bare spots where little hooves have worn a trail?
    Very best,

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