Friends and Family

The lambs are already growing by leaps and bounds. Literally, they leap and bound all over the place, having Grand Adventures. The other day Ash wiggled through the fence and went on a Grand Adventure into the ram field, but quickly realized everybody in there is just a bit out of his weight class and came scampering back.


“This is our clubhouse!”

Holly and her two henchmen friends, Ash and Apple, spend most of their time in a tight group, usually staking out either the big tree stump or the open hoop house. Both Nova’s boys already have a crush on Holly.


“This is our clubhouse!”

Cedar and Chestnut tend to keep to themselves, and stake out the other hoop house. I’m not sure if the other lambs are excluding them, or if they’re excluding the other lambs. I doubt it’s an age thing, there’s not that much difference in age between the two sets of twins. Princess’s boys are bigger than Nova’s, but not enough to preclude them playing together.

The two groups don’t actually fight (beyond some friendly sparring), they just don’t tend to hang out together. Maybe nobody’s excluding anybody, maybe twin lambs always stay close to each other and Holly just latched onto Nova’s boys because her own twin isn’t here anymore. I’ve never had twins before, I’m not sure what’s normal.


“My brother might have moved away, but I have a pretty cool big sister!”

“Maybe these new lambs aren’t as bad as I thought…”

Mira seems to be over her jealousy, and she and Holly are good friends now. She finally seems convinced that I haven’t replaced her. She still knocks the boys down, though. Bully.


“I make this cute smiley face and then I can get away with anything! I’m still Mommy’s favorite!”

She can be so adorably sweet when she’s not being a total brat.


“Ahem, sorry to block your photo session, but can you do something about this heat?”

Beautiful mahogany Duchess is already uncomfortable with the hot weather we’ve been having lately. She and Mira have been hanging out in the shade together a lot lately. I’m glad they’re friends. Even if Duchess didn’t raise Mira, it’d be sad if she wasn’t friends with her only lamb.

Actually, everybody seems to be getting along pretty well lately. I can’t think of anybody who’s noticeably feuding with anyone else, besides the lambs pushing each other around in play fights. I love it when I can put the girls up for the night without having to sort everyone out so no one’s locked up with their Arch Enemy of the Week.

Holly, Ash, and Apple complain loudly if they’re not in the same stall, and Princess still insists on claiming the jug for herself and her boys every night, but at least no one’s getting bashed into the walls.

For my flock, that counts as drama free.


10 thoughts on “Friends and Family

  1. Such a beautiful flock. I really like the spotted ones. Your sheep have always been quite frisky but that’s probably their nature. I’m happy that Mira isn’t as jealous anymore.

  2. What a wonderful post and pictures!! Sweetest faces ever. Heat you say? 57 tomorrow…we could use a little heat, 45 in the mornings.

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