Princess’s boys are definitely fearless like their mother. They decided to take a field trip through the gate this morning. Even Holly hasn’t tried that trick yet.


“The grass really IS greener over here! Too bad we’re not eating grass yet…”

“You boys get back in here this MINUTE do you understand me??”

Princess was not impressed with their adventure.


“Yes, Mother!”

This little boy is named Chestnut.


“Wait for me!”

And that one’s Cedar.

Mira keeps following the lambs everywhere teaching them bad habits Splendid Games and occasionally knocking them over. Holly especially seems to imitate what she sees Mira doing.


“We have to stand on our toes and hop up and down to reach the leaves, because there’s no grass left in here at all!”

“But I can’t reach that high yet!”


“No grass. At all. The trees are our only hope!”

“Wow, it looks like there’s lots of grass to me, but if you say so!”

Holly teaches the boys all the wonderful things she learns from Mira, but the boys are mostly focused on play fighting and keeping Nova and Princess confused about who belongs to who. Or getting confused themselves about which mother belongs to who. One ewe still tends to end up with three or four lambs while the other ends up missing her babies. Princess takes this mostly in stride, but Nova finds it very upsetting.

They take their sparring very seriously for lambs I can still lift with one hand. And of course, at this age all battles come with occasional time-outs for snacks.

Poor Holly got upset because she could see the other babies all having fun without her, but couldn’t get to them through the fence. She still hasn’t quite figured out that the gate is open and she can just go around. That seems to be a really hard concept for lambs in general. I think Liam was over a year old before he figured it out. Mira figured it out very young, with the added tendency to try to make a gate where ever she thought there ought to be one.


“Stupid fences, why do we need fences, anyway?”

The dogs are divided in their attentions. Echo doesn’t care much about the sheep, but he hates me going back there without him, and keeps trying to pull the gate open and follow me. Watcher keeps an eye on the sheep, but right now he’s worried about the Evil Cow Spies that just moved in next door. Apparently the cows have nothing better to do than stand in the tree line watching us, and it’s driving Watcher crazy.


Those are some suspicious looking cows right there. They are clearly up to no good.

I think he should be more worried about what the Lamb Gang is cooking up.


“OK guys, get in the huddle!”

I’m not sure I want to know what they’re planning.

9 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. What a riot…literally! between the Evil Cow Spies, the escapees and the rutting and butting…
    And then there is the……Are you my mother?

  2. The mamas surely have their hooves full this year. Those babies are in a tight pack.

    Gracious, Holly is like Prince Bran – so big! She holds her head erect quite often for pictures, a photogenic trait that makes her chest ruff really stand out elegantly. She and Mira will be quite the pair…

    Very best,

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