Sorting Things Out

Princess informed me this morning that if I did not let her out of that jug this minute she was going to knock the door down and get herself out. Upon exiting the barn, she was warmly greeted by Nova, who always misses her mother when they’re separated. Then the two of them looked down and realised that they were surrounded by four little brown ram lambs who all look basically the same.

Chaos ensued.

Nova momentarily thought she now had four lambs and panicked, but Princess quickly insisted that at least two of these little squirts were hers, and they fell to squabbling about which ones were which. Not helped by the fact that the four lambs climbed all over each other getting acquainted and ended up a little confused themselves about which mother and which brother belonged to who.


“Now I know that spotted one over there isn’t my brother, but beyond that… this is confusing!”

It’s a striking lamb crop, I’ll give them that. Four little brown rams and one big spotted ewe lamb.


“OK, I’m pretty sure these two are mine, and those two are yours. OK, we’re good now.”


“Wait, lamb! No don’t– oh great, now they’re mixed up again.”


“Me and Mira never get mixed up with anybody else, ’cause we’re girls! That makes us super-special!”

I’m not sure now if Mira doesn’t like Holly or if they’re friends. Maybe they’re frenemies? They still fight a lot, but they follow each other around, too. Lady was always Mira’s babysitter after she was weaned, so maybe Mira’s being a surrogate big sister to Holly. All of Holly’s real siblings are over with the boys, after all, and somebody has to teach her the ropes.

Speaking of the boys, the age-old dispute over who is the King of Mound Doom has been settled. When I went to put the sheep up last night I saw Duke running the last challenger off and claiming the summit for himself. Duke is King of the Hill.


“I am King of the Hill.”


“Now what?”

Whenever someone actually wins king of the hill it’s funny to watch them standing there on the peak, shifting uncertainly and looking around wondering what happens next. There usually isn’t any food on top of whatever the “hill” is, except for that one time Mira and last year’s boys broke into the barn and climbed all over the hay bales. That was the most fun mess ever, they all assured me.

I suppose it’s too much to hope that Mira won’t show Holly and the little boys that particular variant of their favorite Splendid Game.


4 thoughts on “Sorting Things Out

  1. Now you have lots of little identical brown lambs the way I have black ones. 🙂 For me, the one good thing about having rams, is that in Black Welsh the rams have horns while the ewes are polled. The horns at least make it possible to tell the boys apart. With the ewes, they’re so similar, I can’t tell some of them apart without their tags.

  2. That is just amazing. All those tiny creatures and not helping their mothers out at all! And Holly wants to hang with Mira even though she is still feeding………and not from her!

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