It’s Raining Rams

I kept saying Princess was so big she’d have to have twins or one huge lamb. Given that this is Princess I’m talking about, I should have realized this wasn’t an either/or scenario.

Princess has huge twin ram lambs. The smaller one is large for a twin, the other one is just large period. I really wanted her to have ewe lambs, I’m being overrun with boys. This is the second year the flock’s only given me one ewe lamb. I’m going to have to have some strong words with Duke.


“Look at what big strong babies I have! My lambs are always the biggest and the best!”

Maternal pride aside, I think Princess is going to have some strong words for Duke, too. Every year for about 48 hours after lambing her expression keeps fluctuating between doting affection and horrified “how did this happen again??” Now she’s got twins, and I think she’s shell-shocked.


“I love my babies, but having a lamb underfoot is so inconvenient and now there’s TWO of them! What have I gotten myself into?”

She may be traumatized, but she’s feeding both and very assertively telling everyone to Stay Away from her babies, so this little family seems problem free, thank goodness.

Outside, Liam (finally) got his haircut yesterday. His fleece was enormous this year, much bigger than last year’s fleece. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s older or because he’s wethered now?

He’s still traumatized from the ordeal and hiding from me. Shearing is always hard on my back and arm muscles, but aside from a minor freak-out over losing his “sideburns,” Liam’s a much more cooperative sheep than Barney to shear, so at least I haven’t been bludgeoned to death.


“I look ridiculous! I’m hiding back here until my wool grows back!”

He doesn’t look ridiculous, he looks very handsome. And he’s much less likely to die of heatstroke without all that fluff.

In the nursery field, the older lambs are starting to socialize with each other a little.


“Hi there! Wanna play?”

Holly is a very bouncy lamb who likes exploring, so I’m pretty sure Nova’s going to see her as a bad influence. Nova likes her lambs to stay in her shadow and not do stuff like bouncing that might result in scraped knees. I don’t think she’s going to be able to keep the boys contained very long, though, especially once Princess’s boys are out of the jug and can join the fun.



11 thoughts on “It’s Raining Rams

  1. Ram years are tough unless you are growing for the freezer. Since I’m a vegetarian, that’s not an option! Soays have such big, beautiful eyes – or at least Princess does.

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