Bucket List

Ash, I have decided, is what I like to affectionately call a “character.” Which means he’ll fit in fine around here. He spent several minutes yesterday stubbornly staying between Lady and Holly, which made for two very upset Mama sheep.

He’s also discovered the Splendid Game called Climb on Mom, which is always popular with the lambs. Mira still plays it regularly.


“Hey Apple, let’s play Climb on Mom!”

“Not right now, I’m sleepy.”

I love Grandma Princess watching them from between the tree stumps. No lamb(s) from her yet, but it can’t be too much longer.

On the dog side of the fence, Echo still hasn’t really gotten the hang of playing with toys, but he’s really good at tag and Escort Duty, and Watcher is introducing him to Bucket Inspection Duty. It’s a very important job to thoroughly inspect all the buckets I use to carry potentially dangerous substances such as water.


“Is there anything in the bottom?”


“I think it’s just water, what do you think?”


“Better double check it, just in case! You take the blue bucket, I’ve chewed that one up already. I’ll take the orange one, it’s brand new!”


When I have to put a bucket down to open the gate, more often than not I end up chasing Watcher down to get it back.


“I love it when she gets new buckets!”

Back in the nursery field, Mira and Holly still don’t get along. I think Mira doesn’t realize that Holly won’t always be so small and easy to push around. Holly likes “fighting” with Mira until she gets tired, then one little bleat from her has Lady calling time out on the sparring.

Apple and Ash have all the boys captivated, and vice versa. Ash is a bit braver than Apple about poking his head through the fence, but they’re both highly curious. The big guys weren’t that interested in Holly; maybe it’s because these two little ones are boys? It’s interesting, either way.

I’m was half expecting Princess to lamb last night, I’m hoping she’ll go today or tomorrow while I’m out of classes for the weekend.


8 thoughts on “Bucket List

    • I guess it’s possible Mira’s just butting Holly while trying to play, I’m not sure. It’s sometimes hard to tell with Mira whether she’s playing or attacking. She’s definitely fixated on Holly though, she follows her all over but doesn’t pay much attention to Nova’s boys.

  1. Golly, like are already sorting with like.
    The video is delightful…after a long day of garden work and springtime chores, it was a peaceful break. Can see why you enjoy being out in the fields…
    Very best and think nice, hefty showers,

  2. “Are you my daddy?” That’s what I picture Ash asking.

    Princess is determined to select the worst possible time (for you!) to lamb.

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