Nova and her boys went outside for the first time this afternoon. All the boys came to check out the new guys through the fence.

“Wow, my daddy’s big!”

The lamb with the spotted face, Apple, was only interested in eating, but the brown lamb, Ash, was fascinated by Duke. Nova narrowly headed him off before he could crawl right through the fence. I told the little guy he might want to wait until he’s a week or two older before picking a fight with Duke.

“I think I’m big enough to play with the big boys! I’m two whole days old, I’m not a baby anymore! I’m practically a ram!”

I think this lamb might be related to Their Royal Woollinesses Princess and Nova. Just maybe. Ridiculously precocious personalities are apparently genetic. Nova started trying to boss Duchess and Lady around when she was only a week or so old, and Princess is, well, Princess.

“Lunch time!”

The boys were obviously fascinated by the wider world. Pretty much all they want to do so far is eat. And check out the big boys.

Mira came charging over to beat up check out the “competition” but after a few glares from Nova she decided to pester me instead.

“Stay away from my babies!”

Lady and Holly tried to check out the new lambs as well, but Nova butted Lady in the head and wouldn’t let them anywhere near.

“I don’t care about any grandlambs, I’m uncomfortable and hungry and I’m going to lamb any minute now! I think I need more crunchies.”

Princess will probably lamb over the weekend, and it’s about time. The poor girl is huge. I’m not sure whether to expect a third set of twins or another monster lamb like Prince Bran. I suppose we’ll find out shortly!


8 thoughts on “Adventure

  1. Yeah, I’m 2 days old and a RAM!! Perfect. Whatever (one, two, three ??) Princess gives you I hope it is healthy and feisty.

  2. Funny the dfference in Nova’s behavior when she knows a fence will protect her babies from the curious boys, and when other ewes and bsbies walk right up.

    Um, is Mira shedding, perchance? Are those tufts of wool pling off or did she get into something?

    Good to see everyone out and about.,


    • Mira is indeed shedding. I keep trying to pluck her wool, but she knocks my hand away and starts bucking like I’m trying to kill her, so I guess she’ll have to scrape it off on her own. Silly girl, throwing a fit over nothing.

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